Business intelligence for the Amazon marketplace.

Consolidated Financial


Quantify pulls in data from your Amazon account to show you a clear picture of your financial health. It breaks down your profits, forecasts, profit margins, etc. by SKU. Eliminate doubt, and make more secure decisions by knowing what’s working.

Intelligent Inventory


Take the guesswork and number crunching out of your inventory. Quantify checks and highlights when your inventory is running low—freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

Why You Need to Quantify Your Amazon Sales

Know Where Opportunity Lies

Quantify shows you sales data to help you make informed sourcing decisions.

See How Products Are Trending

Gain insight into product trends, seasonal sales, and promotional success by viewing historical data and graphs.

Detailed Measurements Per SKU

Get detailed session and sales information for every SKU. Understand which pages need optimization for increased conversion rates.

What Can Quantify Do for Your Amazon Business?

Project Your Net Profit

See what your earning potential is with your current stock.

Know The Pulse Of Your Business

Use our tagging system and advanced financial information to see how promotions and other sale strategies are going.

Customized Reports

Build and save reports that deliver the metrics you want to see without having to rebuild them.

Real-Time Amazon Dashboard

Get daily sales information on a per SKU level, which is unavailable in Seller Central.

Pricing Plans




1 - 500 orders




501 - 2000 orders




2,001 - 10,000 orders




10,001 - 20,000 orders

High Volume



20,001 - 50,000 orders