We have one goal: to help Amazon sellers win.

Our Story

Seller Labs’ co-founders, Brandon Checketts and Paul Johnson, started the company as a way to automate tasks and simplify selling on Amazon. The two sold their book business and warehouse to pursue their real passion: creating software.

Feedback Genius was launched in 2013 with little fanfare. It is now the industry standard for automation emails. Snagshout was launched in 2015 to a select group of beta testers. The site now has more than 150,000 shoppers and thousands of Amazon sellers using the platform to launch products. Two new applications are scheduled for release in 2016—Scope and Quantify. Scope has been engineered to give Amazon sellers a comprehensive view of sales history, search rank, keyword data and more on every product sold on Amazon. Quantify will be the one-stop dashboard for Amazon sales and inventory data. It aims to combat the war on spreadsheets to manage sales, inventory and profit data.

Seller Labs is built upon a foundation of strong software engineering, savvy customer support and informative e-commerce insights. Whether combined or used alone, our software applications give Amazon sellers the resources necessary to win on the world’s largest product search engine.

Our Timeline


Brandon and Paul selling stuff together online.

2013 April

Feedback Genius Beta Launches.

2013 June - July

Begin closing ecom operations. Official start of Seller labs.

2015 January

Seller Labs finishes 1st full year. Helps power over $1 billion in Amazon sales.

2015 July

Snagshout out of beta with over 40k shoppers and featured on CNN.


Scope and Quantify launch.

Customer Heroes

Caroline Powell

Seller Labs Support Lead

Bradley Peters

Customer Success Agent

Edward Ruffin

Customer Success Agent

Nicole Freeman

Customer Success Agent

Hayley Tankersley

Customer Success Agent

Ryan Casey

Customer Success Agent

Rob Findley

Customer Success Agent

Sarah McManus

Customer Success Agent

Seth Brown

Customer Success Agent

Software Engineers

Ben Kovach

Software Engineer

Dennis Hennon

Software Engineer

Jason Fitzpatrick

Software Engineer

Matt Parsons

Software Engineer

Brian Terry

System Admin

Brian Wigham

System Admin

Darnell Arford

Software Engineer

Chris Allen

Software Engineer

John Bowen

Software Engineer

Marilyn Cole

Software Engineer

Rick Hall

Software Engineer

Henry Harris

Software Engineer


Jeff Cohen

VP of Sales & Marketing

Glenn Stovall

Digital Marketing

Cory Checketts


Tyler Henderson

Partnerships & Affiliates


Devi Britt

Design Lead

Jessica Riley

Graphic Designer

Julie Rodriguez

UI/UX Designer

Project Management

Lorianne Steele

Product Mgr, Feedback Genius

Michael Melgar

Product Manager, Snagshout

Zach Holloway

Product Manager, Scope

Tygh Walters

Product Manager, Quantify


Hank Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Muir

 Product Strategy 

Office Management

Mary Wickwire

Community Manager/Director of Human Resources


Brandon Checketts


Paul Johnson


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