We Have One Goal: Help Amazon Sellers Win

Our Story

Starting as a weekend project to solve a seller feedback issue for his used book business and Seller Labs was born. Brandon developed Feedback Genius to automate his Buyer-Seller messaging to request seller feedback and the program quickly took off.

Seller Labs now develops SaaS tools to provide product review, seller feedback, SEO and advertising solutions for tens of thousands of Amazon merchants. The company won the most innovative startup in the Atlanta area award in 2015. Its clients did several billion dollars worth of Amazon transactions in 2016.

Meet Our Team

Customer Heroes

Brad Peters
Seller Labs Support Lead

Nicole Freeman
Customer Success Agent

Edward Ruffin
Customer Success Agent

Sarah McManus
Customer Success Agent

Hayley Tankersley
Customer Success Agent

Ryan Casey
Customer Success Agent

Rob Findley
Customer Success Agent

Software Engineers

Marilyn Cole
Engineering Manager

Jason Fitzpatrick
Software Engineer

Matt Parsons
Software Engineer

Jake Baker
Software Engineer

Brian Terry
Software Engineer

Brian Wigham
Software Engineer

Darnell Arford
Software Engineer

Dennis Hennen
Software Engineer

John Bowen
Software Engineer

Rick Hall
Software Engineer


Glenn Stovall
Inbound Marketing

Cory Checketts
Content Marketing Manager

Tyler Henderson
Partnerships & Affiliates

Caroline Powell
Marketing Coordinator

Todd Dawson
Business Intelligence Analyst

Lena R. Liberman
Content Editor

Product Design

Devi Britt
Product Designer

Julie Rodriguez
Product Designer

Product Management

LoriAnne Carpenter
Product Manager, Feedback Genius

Tygh Walters
Product Manager, Quantify

Zach Holloway
Product Manager, Scope

Executive Team

Brandon Checketts
Founder & CEO

Hank Harris
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Cohen
Chief Marketing Officer

Office Management

Mary Wickwire
Office Manager