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3 Ways to Prevent an Amazon Listing Hijack

Hijacked and fake products are a big problem—and they have become big business on Amazon. Here are 3 things that sellers and brand owners can […]

3 Ways Amazon Sellers Can Use Quantify Inventory & Financials Tools to Prep for Black Friday Success

Are you ready for the Amazon holiday shopping craziness? Black Friday is just days away so there’s not much time left to prepare. Check these […]

Questions About Your Amazon Analytics? Know More with the Seller Labs Dashboard

Did you enjoy our big reveal? I hope you read Katie’s blog when we announced the new dashboard. We’ve been working hard to give you better […]

Prioritize Your Amazon Advertising Budget & Product Promotion Efforts with Quantify: Inventory & Financials Promote Report

Your Amazon advertising budget is precious, but if you have a product that people love, it’s worth spending to get more traffic. Use Quantify’s Inventory […]

Amazon Buyer Cycles: Identify Them with Quantify’s Product Dashboards

“Customer insights.” “Buyer’s journey.” “Buying cycles.” The language of today’s brand marketers and e-commerce gurus has shifted squarely to the data we can glean from […]

Going for the Amazon Storage Fees Discount? How Quantify Reports Can Help Keep Your Sanity

If you saw our recent interview with Eddie Levine, President of Hub Dub, you know that Amazon’s recent announcement about slashing Amazon storage fees is […]

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    Increase Amazon Sales Conversion Rate with Amazon Listing Optimization and Seller Labs Pro

    Last month when we talked about buying cycles, I mentioned the importance of bringing more traffic to your listings to increase your Amazon sales conversion […]

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    Countdown to Prime Day: How to Identify Promotional Opportunities with COGS, Conversion and Traffic Data

    Discover potential Prime Day promotions by comparing product profitability and conversion rate data with traffic data to identify your biggest opportunities—then promote them! Quantify can […]

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