Top to Bottom: Amazon Advertising Opportunities in 2020

Amazon Advertising is taking over. For a simple search like “water bottle,” the first four rows of results were almost entirely sponsored ads or other-promoted items. Really, you search for a keyword, and Amazon shows you top product results for similar keywords. That doesn’t even mention the “Editorial recommendations” that pop up as well.

sponsored products
amazon advertising sponsored brands

The sheer volume of advertising placements within Amazon can be intimidating, so we’re here to put your mind at ease. 

Sponsored Products Ads

This is the original and most common ad type. Whenever you see “Sponsored” sprinkled in the search results, that’s a Sponsored Product Ad. 

For advertisers just getting started on Amazon, you’ll spend most of your focus here. When you hear “manual” and “auto-targeted,” people are generally referring to Sponsored Products Ads. These target customers while they’re searching for products, so keywords and phrases being targeted should mimic browser behavior. 

If you compete with others on the listing for the Buy Box, you’ll only be charged for the ad when you are winning the Buy Box. 

For more details on getting started with Sponsored Product Ads, check out our comprehensive guide.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Previously known as Headline Search Ads. Sponsored Brand Ads are only available to brands who have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry with three or more ASINs that can be advertised in the headline area. 

This is one of the strongest Brand Awareness opportunities available to Amazon sellers. A buyer searching for “fitness” is a more casual shopper. They don’t have any brand loyalty which means that they’re looking for products with good reviews and eye-catching ads.

sponsored brand ad

Even more than that, this is an opportunity for lesser-known brands to beat out larger competition. With “fitness,” you’re technically competing with FitBit, Garmin, Swell, Nalgene, Reebok, and countless others. Did any of those well known brands show up at the top of my search? No, it was a lesser known “URBNFit.”

Need help getting started with Brand Registry? We have a guide for that too.

Sponsored Display Ads 

Formerly Product Display Ads. These are also only available to those who are brand registered. Sponsored Display Ads function differently than your Sponsored Brands or Products Ads. With these, you’re targeting ASINs, categories, or varying audiences. 

One of the main advantages of Sponsored Display Ads is the ability to steal traffic from your competitors. Yes, this is common amongst the other types of ads, but only these have the chance to show up on a competitor’s listing. 

Demand Side Platform

The Demand Side Platform is available for brands selling both on and off Amazon. It is the only Amazon Advertising opportunity that drives traffic to your website, not your Amazon storefront or product listings. This is extremely beneficial for reading a wider audience, and, of course, driving traffic to your controlled website. When someone lands there, you’re not concerned they’ll see a competitor’s product in the “Sponsored Products related to this item” or “What other items to customers buy after viewing this item?” sections. 

These are far more targeted as you’re able to utilize data available to Amazon from millions of buyers. There are options for geotargeting, behavior targeting, or by other interests. 

For more information on all that Demand Side Platform advertising offers, check out the blog!

What’s next?

There is no set formula for which types of ads you should be running. Depending on your business’ goals and strategies, it’s likely you’ll need to implement a combination of all of the different advertising types Amazon has to offer. 

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