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The Top 22 Amazon Chrome Extensions: Pluses & Minuses

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

In order to keep your business competitive on Amazon, you have to be constantly monitoring what other sellers do: keywords used, products sold, perks offered… There’s truly a lot to consider. And here’s where Amazon seller tools can be of service. They normally come in two formats — as web apps or as extensions for Google Chrome.

What’s good about browser apps is that you can simply install them into your Google Chrome browser and get down to business right away analyzing the data provided by the tools. From keyword research and sales analyses to shortening URLs and catching spelling errors, these extensions will help you sell on Amazon more efficiently and stay focused on the things that matter most.

To simplify the research, all the Amazon Google Chrome extensions are sorted out by their rating and split into four categories:

1. Scope by Seller Labs Chrome Extension

Scope extension for Google Chrome is a robust keyword and product research tool that helps Amazon sellers discover how many sales a particular keyword generates for a given product. 

It allows you to: 

  • View definitive product details; 
  • See FBA fees and historical data; 
  • Investigate your Amazon earning potential; 
  • Check rankings for each given keyword;
  • Generate related keywords;
  • Organize products into lists to make monitoring easier;
  • Export keywords for further filtering and investigation.

What differentiates Scope from its competitors is its keyword rating functionality that calculates the strength of the keyword. The so-called ‘Score’ feature reflects the ability of a given keyword to drive traffic to your Amazon listing.


Provides you with the accurate data.

Re-login required.

Quickly pays for itself.

You have to create an account with Seller Labs PRO to use the app.

Allows unique functionality with the Score tool.

This single program has attributed to a huge boost in both paid advertising sales and organic sales this year.

Ready to Explore Amazon Right From Your Google Chrome Browser?

Analyze your competitors’ listings, find new keywords, and check rankings with the Scope Chrome extension by Seller Labs. 

Google Chrome Apps That Any Amazon Seller Will Find Useful

RatingNumber of usersWhat is it valued for?
IO Scout
5 stars
542Personal assistant feature.
Seller Assistant App
5 stars
5KGreat support
4.9 stars
2MElegant layout
4.8 stars
10KSaves a lot of time.
Seller App
4.7 stars
10KFree weekly webinars.
FBA Multi Tool
4.5 stars
4.2 stars
100KEasy to use FBA calc.
4.2 stars
6KGreat time-saver.
DS Amazon Quick View
3.8 stars
300KGreat for anyone doing Amazon Arbitrage.
AMZ Seller
3.5 stars
60KGood for finding new products.

2. iOScout 

5 stars

iOScout is an all-in-one Amazon Chrome extension that offers the same set of tools that you can discover in other software, but with much less limitations. Their scope of services include product listing statistics, competitor details, estimated sales and revenue, and more. It supports several Amazon marketplaces including the ones for the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and India.


Personal assistant feature is the best.

Keyword finder doesn’t work properly.

Valued for its affordable price.

Database is out of date.

Customer care team is the game changer.

Some categories show no results at all

3. Seller Assistant

5 stars

Seller Assistant App is an ultimate product research Chrome extension for Amazon resellers that combines an FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker in one single dashboard. It will help you find goods for online arbitrage and dropshipping, and then let you save all the results in Google Sheets.  


Everything is visible at a glance.

No search by image option. 

Impeccable support.

The browsing history is not saved.

Time and life saver for a fraction of a price.

4. PrettyMerch

4.9 stars

PrettyMerch is a free Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers save time managing their orders and analyzing revenue on the Merch by Amazon platform. With this tool on board, you instantly get access to advanced analytics and product-related data—all on a beautifully designed and intuitive dashboard.   


Ability to get the whole picture in one go.

Freezes on login and is a bit glitchy.

Easy to read elegant layout.

The sales report isn’t updatable.

The satisfying ‘cha-ching’ sound every time the sale is processed.

Sales notifications are not working for some users.

5. Keepa 

4.8 stars

Keepa is a smart price tracker tool that keeps Amazon sellers up-to-date with what is going on with international and local Amazon prices for the chosen category. It alerts you each time your competitors’ prices drop giving you the opportunity to adjust your own prices and stay afloat.


A unique product with much thought and engineering behind it.

Requires log-in every now and then.

Saves lots of time monitoring the competition.

Browser time-out problems.

Allows you to see the price history.

6. Seller App  

4.7 stars

Seller App is a popular all-in-one seller tool (and Chrome extension!) that helps Amazon sellers handle product research, listing management, price, and PPC optimization. The list of services doesn’t end here as they constantly evolve their software, adding new features one by one to help Amazon merchants grow their FBA businesses.  


Free webinars every week.

Their managed PPC services are not recommended.

Knowledge base that is always up-to-date.

Don’t meet the predetermined deadlines.

Proactive customer service team.

7. FBA Multitool 

4.5 stars

FBAMultitool is a Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers avoid purchasing items that don’t sell well, export all the information in Google Sheets, and automatically check if the item has any restrictions. Among the advanced features are virtual assistant time tracking, Amazon auto ungating, Poly Bag Warning, and others.


Comes with the extras that help you scale.

There is no option to log in to Seller Central.

Quickly tells you how much profit and ROI you are supposed to get.

The sales estimator is a bit misleading to newbies.

The scoring system.

8. AMZ Scout

4.2 stars

AMZScout is a free Amazon FBA calculator that should help you estimate both your expenses and profitability. Having this information at hand will let you be more picky with the products you choose to sell and be up-to-date with your monthly storage fees, total FBA fees, profit per unit, ROI, net margin, and other metrics.


Easy-to-use FBA fee calculator.

Gets a bit annoying with the upselling tactics.

Provides some extra features like a niche finder.

Does not work for Australia as stated.

The information provided is clear and useful. 

No option to edit the fulfillment fee.

9. Amzpecty Chrome Extension and Web App for Amazon Sellers

4.2 stars

Amzpecty extension for Google Chrome helps Amazon sellers monitor competitors’ stock, quantity, inventory, prices, and variations. It saves precious time with automation, makes daily product snapshots, and allows you to add notes to the products you sell on Amazon.   


Great support team.

Doesn’t keep users logged in.

On-demand search is a big time saver.

The app can be slow at times. 

Easy on the eyes interface.

10. AMZ Seller Browser

3.5 stars

AMZ Seller extension for Chrome helps Amazon sellers find new profitable products to sell, thus saving them hours of their time. It gives insights on whether the product is already sold on Amazon and if it is, the app will display how many people are already selling the product. Ranking and pricing history is another great feature to highlight.


The extension has potential.

Hard to get this product to work properly.

The only tool that shows the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

Poor customer support.

11. DS Amazon Quick View

3.8 stars

DS Amazon Quick View app for your Google Chrome browser is here to help improve productivity. How does it work? Just hover over a product image to see all product details, including Amazon ranking and competitor information. The extended version of the app opens up access to the marketplaces outside the US, provides you with the price history, and integrates your store with Keepa to give you access to the charts.


Easy to use. 

The free version doesn’t support Amazon DE, JP, and a few other marketplaces.

Absolutely a time-saver.

Doesn’t show any results for some users.

Great for anyone doing Amazon Arbitrage.

Lacks BSR tracking.

Solutions That Deserve a Mention Just Because They Are Trending

RatingNumber of usersWhat is it valued for?
Jungle Scout
4.1 stars
300KA number of features.
Helium 10
3.9 stars
500KGreat UI

12. Jungle Scout

4.1 stars

What may confuse sellers, however, is the price. Though most Amazon merchants are well aware of Jungle Scout, they still prefer to stay away from using it.

Additional reading:
Jungle Scout Vs Seller Labs: Why Seller Labs Is a Better Alternative to Jungle Scout 

The tool is rather pricey. I’m hoping I can get the funds to start with Jungle Scout and make the best use of it.

Jungle Scout Google Chrome extension for Amazon sellers makes product research & seller analytics easier. While the scope of features built-in Jungle Scout extension is pretty similar to what other solutions offer, its sales estimates are recognized as the most accurate in the industry. With this software, you can be sure that your business decisions are going to be based on the relevant data.


Packed up with many features like a profit calculator, monthly and daily sales, Google Trends, and keyword clouds.

Keeps freezing up and gives incorrect data.

Especially useful when researching new marketplaces.

Doesn’t work correctly on iPad.

Great training videos on Youtube. 

Forces users to log in every time you reboot the laptop.

13. Amazon FBA Calculator by Helium 

4 stars

Helium 10 extension for Google Chrome is another popular tool that every Amazon merchant is aware of. Their blog posts jump up on the first page of Google every time you are looking for anything related to Amazon, and their team hosts weekly live streaming events on Youtube and Facebook. Features? You can use it for product and keyword research, listing quality optimization, sales trends monitoring, and so on.

As with JungleScout, this software comes with a steep price tag. 

This tool is just a way to get you to sign up and use the software with a steep price tag.

Miss S

A better UI to grasp compared to other tools.

Their team is very salesy.

A number of tools that can take novices to experts.

The free version is rather limited.

AM/PM Podcast with Manny Coats, the CEO of Helium 10.

The calculator is inaccurate.

Just Random Chrome Extensions With Fun Names

RatingNumber of usersWhat is it valued for?
Unicorn Smasher Pro
5 stars
4KSimple to use.
Sell Go
5 stars
41Good performance.
The Camelizer
4.3 stars
600KSimple UI.
4 stars
139Makes it easy to claim money back.
2.3 stars
30KGood for printing FBA labels.

14. UnicornSmasher

5 stars

Unicorn Smasher is a great tool to supercharge your product research on Amazon. It saves you weeks of tedious research and provides you with the real-time data in a convenient shareable format. It has fewer features than JungleScout, but is perfect for those who are new on the Amazon platform. And it has a cute pinkish layout that stands out!


It is simple to use and freely available.

Won’t be a great fit for advanced users.

Accurate sales estimates based on real figures.

Provides data that is less accurate than the one you get with Seller Labs or Helium 10.

Integrates with AMZTracker to help find market gaps.

Has fewer features for sellers than JungleScout.

15. SellGo

5 stars

The tool is lightning fast.

Doesn’t support marketplaces outside the US.

It is very innovative and easy to use.

Doesn’t provide keyword suggestions and product research options.

Gives a birds-eye-view of possible product options and saves money.

16. The Camelizer

4.3 stars

The Camelizer Amazon Chrome extension takes all the functionality the camelcamelcamel software has right into your browser. It makes it simple to create price watches that notify you every time the price for your competitor products drops. The app also shows the entire price history and helps Amazon FBA sellers make a well-thought-out decision about the initial price point.


Great extension for checking past Amazon prices.

Issues with the login.

Valid for all Amazon countries.

Doesn’t pop-up automatically on every product page.

Great design.

Doesn’t display the average cost.

Overall UI simplicity.

17. Refund Max by Kinvoke

4 stars

Refund Max is a comprehensive refund finder that helps you discover FBA fee overcharges, inbound shipment discrepancies, and reimbursement opportunities such as lost or damaged items in Amazon warehouses. It will let you know when your shoppers refund items without returning them or when Amazon charges you unexpected FBA fees. You’ll have an option to get late refunds when customers return your orders late.


Makes it easy to claim money back.

It’s difficult to see it from Seller Central.

Best extension to find the money Amazon owes you.

18. Rollo

2.3 stars

Rollo label converter for thermal printers is a convenient tool that helps sellers print FBA and ASIN labels for Amazon inventory and box labels from shipments without ever needing to buy cartridges and ink (if you have a Rollo’s printer that uses heat for printing).


Works well for printing FBA labels.

You have to re-sign each time.

Works well for printing labels from the UPS website.

Won’t convert/print labels unless you’re logged in

Too many ads and annoying pop-up messages.

Chrome Extensions You Can Use Both On and Off of Amazon

RatingNumber of usersWhat is it valued for?
4.8 stars
10MWorks outside Amazon.
4.6 stars
10MGreat for catching typos.
Moz Bar
3.8 stars
800KGood for SEO beginners.
3.8 stars
600KEasy to use.

19. Honey 

4.8 stars

Honey‘s free extension for Google Chrome is a part of PayPal family and is incredibly popular throughout the internet right now. It is featured among Chrome’s favorite apps and is much talked about on Twitter. How does it work? It compares Amazon sellers, monitors their prices and puts all the info together in a single file. Though this app was initially built for Amazon buyers, but merchants can take advantage of it as well. 


Extremely easy to use.

Requires a lot of permissions like access to your browsing history.

Helps sellers compete in a saturated marketplace.

Glitches sometimes, but nothing too serious. 

It works outside Amazon and allows you to check the external prices as well.

20. Grammarly

4.6 stars

Grammarly‘s extension for Google Chrome is a must for all online sellers, even outside Amazon, as it helps create grammatically-correct product descriptions. It goes way beyond grammar and offers spelling, style, and tone suggestions to help you improve your copy.


Helps fix small mistakes that are easy to overlook.

You have to subscribe to Grammarly’s premium plan to use the advanced features.

Good for English only. Doesn’t work with other languages.

21. MozBar

3.8 stars

MozBar is a great Chrome extension for any SEO beginner, especially if they sell outside Amazon. It lets you see how many links a particular page has on Amazon. With a premium plan, you’ll be able to get instant page optimization updates, view KD, PA, and DA metrics; export all the SERP analysis results into a CSV, and so on.


Helpful for SEO beginners.

May significantly slow down your computer.

Useful tool for competitor analysis.

Always asking to login even when you are really logged in.

Being too commercial lately; purely for commercial benefits. 

May block you when using VPN

22. Bitly

3.8 stars

Bitly will allow you to create powerful short links for any Amazon product listing and share them with your partners, potential customers on social media, or just anyone you want to share them with. You can take it a step further and create a personalized domain name for the links. Branded links get more clicks! Bitly also offers real-time analytics allowing you to see how many people were engaged.


Very easy to use, and also very useful.

Cannot create a URL in one click.

Absolutely mandatory if you use Twitter.

Doesn’t work on every page.

It takes less than a few seconds to generate a fast-working link.

Requires browser reset after adding.

To Sum Up

I hope this blog post will help you make the right decision and find the best Google Chrome extension that fits your Amazon business needs. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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