Amazon Product Reviews: They’re As Relevant As Ever—Learn How to Ask for Them

You can and you should ask your buyers for Amazon product reviews. Learn how to ask for reviews with this helpful email template.

You’re only as good as your reputation. What shoppers think and say about your products has a massive impact both positively and negatively on your success. Amazon product reviews continue to be a fundamental part of the buying experience for most shoppers.

Not only are they important for people to make informed purchasing decisions, but they’re also crucial in how products get discovered on Amazon. This is why product reviews have historically been taken advantage of and remain such a hot topic.

The Reality of Amazon Product Reviews

Every seller wants more and better reviews. But in reality, not every review you receive on Amazon will be positive. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because this can inform you about the quality and use cases of your product. Use criticism as a way to improve your products and customer service.

Product reviews establish and promote brands on Amazon and online searches. If you own your brand or are a private manufacturer, product reviews will benefit your business by establishing you as a quality seller, and improving your search rank.

What’s more, you should be asking everyone who buys from you for a product review. Oddly enough, many sellers aren’t asking. In fact, 50% of Amazon sellers don’t realize they can ask buyers to leave a product review.

This is especially unfortunate since product reviews contribute to Amazon’s search and ranking algorithm, so getting consistent reviews can help determine where your product gets ranked in organic search.

How to Ask for a Product Review

When asking buyers to leave a product review, a great approach is to make them feel like you value their opinions (because you do). Focus on the buyer’s experience and encourage them to tell their story.

Ask things like, “How did it work, how did it make you feel?”. Ask a buyer if there is anything special about the product. Questions like these will tap into their feelings and make them feel like their opinion is valued.

When asking for a product review, keep your phrasing short and simple. Be personal, relatable and polite. Remember that you are asking the buyer to take time to help other shoppers and you.

Last but not least, use a call to action when asking for a product review. Call to actions (or CTAs) are designed to be the final persuasion to get a buyer to review a product. One way to do this is to personalize the link that your buyer can click to write a product review. Your call to action needs to express how the buyer’s opinion is valuable and how you care about the quality of their experience.

Example of a Product Review Request Email

NAME: [All-In-One] Product Review – Helpful Tips

SUBJECT: Necessary Tips for Using Your New [[product-name]]

EVENT: Package shipped

GOAL: Product Review

Hello there,

Your [[product-name]] is on its way and we’re excited for you to **use/eat/etc.** it!

While you probably know it **insert one use/feature/benefit such as “is a delicious

treat”**, you may not be aware that it:

**INSERT 3-4 NECESSARY TIPS/USES THAT CUSTOMERS MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT. Perhaps your gourmet chocolate squares are excellent when melted into a cup of coffee, or your small paint brushes can also be used when decorating cookies, etc.)**

Have questions? Just reply to this email and we’ll provide you with additional information.

Thanks for your support!


P.S. Your opinions of [[product-name]] help shoppers just like you make informed purchase decisions on Amazon? Please [[product-review-link: let others know what you think]] by leaving a product review.

Wrap Up

It’s true that product reviews are more difficult to get than before. But this just means that the reviews you do get will be much more honest. This is primarily because the people who are willing to leave a review are either ecstatic or disappointed with your product. The best way to ensure that you’re getting honest product reviews is by selling the absolute best product possible and offering the best customer support. Everything outside of that is beyond your control.

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