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Amazon Scout as a Jungle Scout Alternative: An Unbiased Assessment of Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina Author

There is no need to tell you how recognizable and popular Amazon is. Odds are if you got to this post, you’ve been selling on Amazon long enough to know all the ins and outs of the US marketplace.

But, dollars to donuts, you would never have thought that has been consistently receiving over 2 billion website visitors each month! traffic statistics
Source: Similarweb

Despite the impressive number of Amazon shoppers, online sellers put in a lot of effort to snag their share of the audience’s attention and make this traffic convert. 

With thousands of rivals, Amazon business owners should undertake a great deal of digital marketing research to find a winning product, understand the potential of their inventory, and gain a competitive advantage. 

And this is why a robust Amazon product research tool is a must! Among the variety of software solutions and tools designed to track products and collect metrics, the trickiest thing is to choose the one that fits your business needs – and budget! – the best. 

Since we have recently published an article comparing Helium 10 and Seller Labs, Amz Scout and Jungle Scout are next in line to survey. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Before we start, let me acknowledge that it’s hard not to sound biased. Yes, you are reading a Seller Labs blog post. However, we can relate to the struggles of trials and promos, and appreciate your trust in letting us give you a helping hand. Rest assured, we did our best and completed a detailed and genuine review on both of the Product Research Tools, leaving the final choice to be solely up to you!

FeaturesAmzScoutJungle Scout
Web app and a Google Chrome extension
Product Database
550 million products

475 million products
Amazon Product Research
Amazon Keyword Research
Product Listing Optimization
Suppliers research
Data Analytics 

Supplier Database
Extra Tools
Inventory Management
Analytics and Reports

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a relatively popular (500,000 users) keyword research tool to find top-selling items and services on Amazon.

Jungle Scout

First launched in 2015, it has developed a vast product database to research winning products and comes up with a set of tools for product listing optimization and inventory management. 
Irrespective of the mixed reviews, Jungle Scout  is a solution developed to keep track of products in terms of daily or monthly sales, their average prices, and ratings.

The Main Tools’ Overview:

  • Product Database is still growing and now counts 475 million products.
  • Product Tracker monitors best-selling items, changes in pricing, competition, and customer demand.
  • Keyword Research Tool enables an Amazon seller to build their SEO strategy with top keywords and improve their product ranking in Amazon’s search results. 
  • Keyword Scout uncovers high-ranking keywords, analyzes past keyword performance, and applies this data to form a full picture of a product’s seasonality.
  • Opportunity Finder helps you discover emerging trends and profitable product niches.
  • Supplier Database gives you instant access to verified and high-quality suppliers so you can convert your product idea to reality.
  • Sales Analytics  monitors your sales and compares them over time in a real-time format. 
  • Inventory Manager is designed to automate inventory planning and management. 
  • Academy. A training program for selling on Amazon, built into your Jungle Scout account, where you can learn at your own pace, regardless of your seller experience.

What is Amz Scout?

Although AMZScout shares a lot of similarities with Jungle Scout, it stands out thanks to the AmzScout extension, which has won their customers’ credibility for the ability to discover valuable Amazon products, review competition level, and detect specific keywords. 
The AMZScout web app includes more specialized tools to optimize product listings, access the historical pricing data, and figure out the sales estimates. So, what does it offer?

Amz Scout

The Main Tools’ Overview:

  • Product Database counts 550 million products.   
  • Amazon Product Research finds and validates profitable products breaking them down by day, week, month, and year, or target into seasonal sales trends. 
  • Amz Scout Product Tracker allows users to add competitors’ products to a product tracker and monitor their daily sales. 
  • Amazon Keyword Tracker shows the whole picture of how your listing keywords perform and how optimization impacts your ranking and sales.
  • Data Analytics discovers potential suppliers. Since you’ve found a product niche to tap into, finding a source of products is the next step. 
  • FBA Sales Estimator  guesses the exact sales of a product over a certain period of time and defines whether it is worth buying into the market. 
  • AMZ Scout Seller’s Course offers a series of Video Tutorials on Amazon selling with AmzScout at hand.

Amazon Scout vs Jungle Scout: Shared Functions

While it is impossible to figure out an all-in-one solution in one among seller’s tools, we can at least narrow down 3 insightful questions that both AMZ Scout & Jungle Scout can (and should!) answer.

1. How can I find the best-selling Amazon product?

  • Use an immense and reliable data source. Both tools boast extensive Product Databases with diverse filtering options from the product price and rankings to FBA costs and monthly revenue. 

As a result, getting product ideas is now much easier thanks to the product research that meets your criteria.

Jungle Scout database
Source: Jungle Scout Database
AmzScout database
Source: AmzScout Database
  • Make your research convenient. Just like many similar Amazon Chrome extensions, Jungle Scout and AmzScout browser extensions are capable of outlining real-time sales data, Amazon keyword research, including revenue, product rank, and more.

A side note:

Now that we’ve mentioned Google Chrome extensions, Seller Labs also comes with a robust keyword and product research tool enabling Amazon sellers to tailor-make their product listings. Formerly known as Scope, Seller Labs’ extension stands out for its keyword rating functionality that calculates the strength of a keyword and demonstrates its ability to drive traffic to your Amazon listing.

2. How can my Amazon product beat the competition?

  • Keep on the lookout for competitors. Equally reliable Product Trackers featured by these solutions provide robust opportunities for tracking the product performance and spying on the competitors’ listings.
  • Unhide valuable keywords. Jungle Scout and AmzScout Keyword Research tools are backed with the Reverse ASIN Lookup algorithm allowing Amazon sellers to view the estimated search volume of the inquired keywords and uncover the most valuable ones.
  • Rank higher. Both solutions come up with equally efficient listing optimization options. AMZScout extension has a Listing Quality Score whereas Jungle Scout’s Tool enriches Amazon listings with the best keywords, helping to nail ideal product titles, while keeping an eye on rankings.

3. How can I leverage my new Amazon sellers’ tools?

  • Learn and apply your knowledge. AmzScout and Jungle Scout offer a rich library of resources including training programs and video tutorials for Amazon Sellers regardless of their level of expertise.
AmzScout library
Source: AmzScout Library
Jungle Scout Library
Source: Jungle Scout Library

If you are looking to enhance your sellers’ skills, acquire some actionable tips on the new trends in Amazon SEO, PPC advertising, or FBA operations then visit our  Seller Labs Resonate Digital Content Series. Consume hands-on knowledge on how to sell on Amazon and beyond at your own pace!

Amazon Scout vs Jungle Scout: What Sets them Apart?

Differences challenge assumptions.

Anne Wilson Schaef

Yes, there are some crucial differences between the tools, which is not a surprise. While there is a diversity of online business models with different niches, levels of maturity, and size, eCommerce software solutions are forced to meet various business needs.

Starting Off

👍 AmzScout

  • AMZScout allows you to sign up with your email address, Google, or Facebook accounts and doesn’t require any credit card credentials to start. 
  • You can also install an AmzScout Chrome extension and start discovering Amazon products with no Amazon account.
  • Jungle Scout

  • A sign-up for Jungle Scout implies using your email, password, choosing a subscription plan, and submitting payment details.
  • Jungle Scout browser extension isn’t featured separately, it goes with any subscription plan you pick.
  • Our opinion: A sign-up with no payment details makes AmzScout a more handy option. Especially if you are just testing the Amazon waters.

    Inventory Management


    AMZScout doesn’t offer a particular tool for inventory management.

    Although there is no straight solution, you can find a workaround using the AmazScout product tracker to manage the products in your listing, estimate future product performance, and monitor your competitors’ products

    👍 Jungle Scout

    Jungle Scout features a separate tool for managing your inventory connected to your Amazon Seller Central account. 

    It monitors your inbound inventory, helps you avoid stockouts, and predicts future FBA sales and profit.

    Our opinion: Jungle Scout wins this battle, providing more robust opportunities for inventory management.



    Since AMZScout is mainly focused on discovering best-selling products it doesn’t provide exclusive analytics.

    👍 Jungle Scout

    Jungle Scout has a native sales analytics tool, which helps an Amazon seller keep an eye on the business’s income and expenses.

    Having all metrics in one place allows for:

    ✅ tracking sales data in real-time, 

    ✅ viewing PPC-related sales,

    ✅ setting profit and loss margins.

    Our opinion: One more score goes to Jungle Scout for rolling out timely sales data.

    If you are looking for a platform offering robust analytics tools and providing accurate reports with custom date ranges on inventory, PPC campaigns, and sales then give Seller Labs Amazon Seller Dashboard a try.

    Extra Tools

    👍 AmzScout

    AMZScout comes up with some extra tools most of which are free:

    Sales Estimator is highly appreciated for predicting product sales based on the sales rank. 

    FBA Fees Calculator is used for calculating your profit and margins. 

    Amazon Super URL allows for creating unique optimized links.

    Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage a free extension that helps to select the most promising products and thus simplifies your product research process.

    Jungle Scout

    There are two extra tools offered by Jungle Scout:

    Supplier Database provides access to the most compatible and verified suppliers.

    FBA profit calculator is the tool for handling Amazon FBA fees calculations.

    Our opinion: With twice as many extra features, AmzScout looks like an attractive solution that supplements your business operations with a score of shortcuts.

    Pricing and Trials

    👍 AmzScout

  • AmzScout pricing options include monthly or annual payments and allow using the tool for free within a 10-day period. 
  • AmzScout also offers a 7-day free trial and a 10-day money-back period with free access to the major tools.
  • Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout also charges monthly and yearly payments for its subscription plans. However, it doesn’t offer any free trial, and grants a 7-day money-back guarantee instead.
  • Our opinion:  AmzScout looks more affordable, offering a free trial to get your feet wet with the functionality.

    Final Verdict

    While AMZScout and Jungle Scout are close in such features as product research and listing optimization, they definitely aim at different maturity levels. 

    Amazon Scout is more affordable and convenient for a starter in terms of price and major product research functionality. 

    At the same time, seasoned Amazon sellers can’t be profitable without enough analytics and metric tools in their corner. And this is where Jungle Scout steps forward.  

    In case you still feel like a donkey between two bundles of hay, the best thing is to run through them once again to find your best fit, and why not start with our own solution – Seller Labs PRO.    

    Just to save your time we provide a short overview on the main Seller Labs PRO features:

    • A free 30-day trial.
    • Transparent pricing structure depending on your sales volume.
    • Amazon Seller Dashboard for actionable and accurate data.
    • Amazon PPC advertising for effective advertising campaigns and high sky PPC-related sales.  
    • Communication Center for addressing customers’ reviews.
    • Scope for higher ranking and efficient product listing optimization.
    • Amazon Inventory & Financials to form a complete, data driven picture of how your business performs.
    • A huge library of resources to increase the level of your expertise.

    Check out our Seller Labs PRO solution and perhaps there will be no need to keep options open.

    Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

    Maria Navolykina
    Maria Navolykina SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs

    Maria is an SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs. Once captured by digital and content marketing in her student days, she keeps living and breathing it ever since.


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