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Every Amazon seller knows how important keywords are in regards to getting their products noticed in Amazon search. Shoppers tend to search—instead of browse—for products. Relevant keywords and consistent sales are two key factors in search relevancy on Amazon. But oftentimes keywords get neglected when a seller is launching a product. A myriad of things take priority over Amazon SEO keyword research and optimization, and ultimately this task is left incomplete.

Why is keyword research and optimization the last thing sellers do? Because it’s perceived to be hard. There are millions of keyword combinations available. Narrowing down profitable keywords can feel like an impossible task. The same can be said about product research. As Amazon keeps growing, so does the opportunity to grow your product offerings. Discovering a product worth selling is difficult and time-consuming. Don’t be discouraged. There’s a better way to research profitable keywords and product on Amazon. It’s called Scope and it’s the ultimate Amazon keyword tool.

What does the Scope keyword tool do?

Scope was designed to do two things: 1. find profitable keywords and, 2. discover products to sell on Amazon.

Keyword research with Scope

Using Scope, you can do what’s called a reverse ASIN lookup. This will show you the keywords that are driving organic sales for an ASIN. Keywords are ranked on a 1-100 score—the higher the score the better the keyword. Each keyword will show you where an ASIN ranks in search based off of a keyword search term. Scope also allows you to see the estimated sales a keyword has generated for an ASIN in the past 30 days.

By connecting keywords with a ranking score, search position and sales data, you are able to get a clear picture into what will get your products to sell better.

ASIN data is available via the Scope web application. Simply add the ASIN you want to research into the search bar and it will display the same information.

Keyword and product tracking

Do you want to see how well a keyword or product has performed? Scope gives you keyword ranking, price, sales rank and review rating data for the past 30 days. This data gives you deeper insights into how a product and its search terms have performed. Knowing this information will help you make informed sourcing and optimization decisions.

Don’t see a keyword you’re looking for? Just add it. Scope will start to track new keywords instantly to give you the big picture on its performance. You just have to click the binocular icon to track any product or keyword on Amazon.

Why you need Scope

Simple. Your competition is getting smarter and so should you. If your competition has high-performing keywords in their listings that you don’t have, you’ll miss out on sales linked to those keywords every time. By tracking and incorporating keywords that drive sales into your product listings, you’ll start to be discovered more in Amazon search. Not every shopper searches for a product using the same search terms. Diversifying your keywords gives your product more chances to be discovered.

What Scope customers are saying about it

Tyram, new Amazon seller

If it wasn’t for this service, I really highly doubt I would have had the success I’m seeing with my first product ever! Firstly, I was able to fill up all 5,000 characters in search terms with every top performing keyword from all my competitor listings combined! Which I’m convinced is why I started out with so many organic sales from the get go with less than 10 reviews and no PPC whatsoever!

Secondly, I was able to finally launch Amazon PPC once I had 15 reviews, bypass the whole automatic targeting hassle of finding converting keywords, and see an overall ACoS of 20-30% in the first week!!! With a lot of the keywords resulting in 3-10% ACoS!

I have no idea how you’re able to collect this keyword data, but it’s definitely legit, and it definitely saves so much time, money, and guesswork!

Brenda, Amazon seller

I bought Scope yesterday and found keywords to optimize a few of my listings. My sales increased within 2 hours of adding the new keywords to the backend of these listings! I will be using Scope to research better keywords for all of my listings. I’m very pleased!

Get started with Scope

Product research with Scope is easy and we offer two plans to meet the needs of sellers and brands of all volumes.

  • Essentials Plan: Get unlimited access to the Scope keyword database, product research functionality and up to 100 keyword and product watches. This plan costs $390 per year.
  • Startup Plan: Get unlimited access to the Scope keyword database, product research functionality and up to 400 keyword and product watches. This plan costs $690 per year.

Purchase with confidence

The reason Seller Labs charges an annual plan for Scope is because Scope delivers value over the long-term. Increased sales via optimization is an ongoing process and seeing results takes time and commitment. Product and keyword rankings change constantly and these changes reflect in Scope’s database. It’s our goal to help sellers succeed. Seller Labs provides ongoing support for Scope to help solve your toughest problems. We’ve engineered Scope to find and track keywords based off of the sales they generate—not impressions.

We’re confident that you’ll love Scope. And if you don’t, we offer a 7-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

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