Using Amazon Video Shorts in Promote FAQ

If a picture says 1,000 words, then a video should say at least 10,000 more! You can now upload product videos to your Amazon detail pages promote, educate and help Amazon shoppers make informed purchases. We’ve partnered with Amazon Video Shorts to give you this awesome functionality through our latest product marketing application—Promote.

Types of videos you can upload:

  • Advertisements
  • How To/ Product Demonstrations
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Product Comparison
  • DIY
  • Vlog

What does Amazon Video Shorts require for submission?

Video submissions do need to follow all of Amazon guidelines in order to be approved. Your video can appear on related ASINs, but cannot be featured on a competitor’s ASIN.

  • High-Quality Video: We follow Amazon’s video quality requirements and reserve the right to deny videos that do not have proper content, sound, or resolution.
  • Amazon Requirements: Your video cannot contain a product review for your Amazon ASIN, web addresses to sites other than Amazon, inappropriate content, mention of limited time offers, or mention of price discounts. Videos should only be linked to relevant ASINs on your seller account.
  • Correct Video File Format: Accepted formats are: 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG-2.
  • Thumbnail Image: A 16:9 aspect ratio and a suggested minimum width of 1920px. Formats accepted are JPEG and PNG.
  • Metadata: Video title (100 character max), Video synopsis (400 character max), Video Type, related ASINs

How many videos can I upload?

Every Promote subscription includes the ability to submit unlimited, related videos to your Amazon ASINs. Please note, your video(s) will be made inactive upon deactivation of your Promote subscription.

How long will it take for a video to appear on my product detail page after submitting through Promote?

Once your video is approved and uploaded into Amazon’s catalog, it will appear on your product detail page between 1-5 business days.

What happens if I cancel my Promote subscription? Are the videos taken down?

Your video(s) will be made inactive upon deactivation of your Promote subscription.

Can I upload a video of a customer review?

No, customer reviews need to be submitted by the reviewer through the review section. Any customer review video will be rejected.

Can one video be linked to multiple ASINs?

Yes, a video can be linked to as many ASINs as are relevant to the video content. Your video can appear on related ASINs.

Where will my video appear?

The video will appear on the product detail page in the related Video Shorts section.


Will the video appear in the main image gallery?

No. The video will appear on the product detail page in the Related Video Shorts section.

Is there a maximum length?

Amazon does not have an official limit, but a submission would likely not get approved if it is longer than 25 minutes.

Can I email buyers with a link to my Amazon video?

Yes. because the video is on Amazon, it is appropriate to include a link. Each video is assigned an ASIN—similar to how products are assigned ASINs—so you need to find the video’s URL send it. Amazon does not want to redirect shoppers to sites other than Amazon (like YouTube or Vimeo).

Can I add my video to a competitor’s listing?

No. Linking a video to a competitor’s ASIN is against Amazon’s Terms of Service. Videos should only be linked to relevant ASINs on your seller account.

Can I pay to have my videos uploaded to Amazon rather than buying a Promote subscription?

No. Currently, the only way to get a video on your product detail page is through a Promote subscription. The subscription enables you to upload as many videos as you would like.

Can I add videos if I’m a subscriber to Snagshout?

No. Only subscribers to Promote can have videos added to their product details pages. But the majority of features available in Snagshout are available in Promote so we recommend checking out if Promote can meet all of your needs.

Can agencies upload videos for multiple accounts?

No. Please contact Seller Labs for details on how to accommodate your situation.

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Michael Melgar

Michael is the customer support lead at Seller Labs. He and his team work hard to ensure Seller Labs customers get the best experience possible.

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