50% Of Amazon Sellers Believe It’s OK To Email Coupons For Future  Purchases—But They’re Mistaken

50% of Amazon Sellers Believe It’s OK to Email Coupons for Future Purchases—But They’re Mistaken

Using Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging service for marketing or promotional purposes is against Terms of Service—especially coupons—and half of sellers don’t know this. Emailing a coupon code to make a future sale to a customer who recently purchased your product before…

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83% Of Amazon Sellers Don’t Know They Can’t Link From An Email To A Detail Page

83% of Amazon Sellers Don’t Know They Can’t Link From an Email to a Detail Page

Eighty-three percent of Amazon sellers believe linking back to their product detail and storefront pages in buyer-seller emails is acceptable within Amazon’s Terms of Service. Buried inside the bowels of Amazon’s all-encompassing seller Terms of Service exists a section with…

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Amazon Sends A Reminder To Sellers: Follow The Customer Product Review Policies Or Lose Selling Privileges

Amazon Sends a Reminder to Sellers: Follow the Customer Product Review Policies or Lose Selling Privileges

Now is the time to get your review acquisition tactics inline with Amazon’s Terms of Service to avoid account suspension. At the top of Amazon’s October 2018 Seller Newsletter, there is a reminder for sellers to review Amazon’s customer product…

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