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Cory is the content manager at Seller Labs. He has five years of experience doing strategic communications and professional writing. When he’s not typing you can usually find him getting dropped off the back of amateur cycling pelotons on the roads of Georgia.

Apr 03

The New Global Blacklist Feature in Feedback Genius Avoids Sending Emails to Opted Out Amazon Shoppers

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Feedback Genius

Amazon’s recent update to the Buyer-Seller Messaging system allowing shoppers to opt out of unsolicited emails from third-party merchants has left many merchants scrambling for solutions.  Global Blacklisting Luckily, the Feedback Genius development team has created a viable solution. Feedback Genius’s new Global Blacklist feature prevents merchants from sending messages to shoppers who end up […]

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Mar 14

Understanding Keyword Match Types within Amazon Sponsored Products

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Ignite , Resources

Understanding keyword match types within Amazon Sponsored Products can be difficult. What exactly does Automatic, Broad, Phrase and Exact match type targeting mean? We’ve put together a quick guide to help Sponsored Products users understand what the different match types are and when they should be used. Watch the recording of our Facebook Live event […]

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Mar 10

Resonate 2017 – The Only E-commerce Conference Designed for Professional Amazon Sellers

By Cory Checketts | E-commerce , Resonate

Seller Labs is pleased to announce Resonate, the only e-commerce conference designed to meet the complex needs of professional Amazon sellers. Join us May 2-3, 2017 at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, Georgia. After last year’s tour de force event, we’re upping the ante for Resonate in 2017 with bigger speakers and more in-depth, […]

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