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If your merchant account is suspended, you’ll waste time and money trying to get back in business. As a former Amazonian, Chris shows sellers how to keep their accounts healthy.Give your account a free checkup now.

Aug 16

Samsung Hung Up

By Chris McCabe | Amazon , E-commerce

Stop me if this sounds familiar. You’re a Consumer Electronics/Wireless products seller on Amazon, and you have sold brands like Samsung on Amazon for a long time, years maybe. A warning for “inauthentic” items came in, and you handled it. You grabbed your invoice from a legitimate, established distributor of Samsung products, perhaps even one […]

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Sep 14

Bezos Escalations: Then and Now

By Chris McCabe | Amazon , News

“He urged any employees who knew of “stories like those reported to contact him directly.” In response to the recent New York Times article about the workplace culture at Amazon, Jeff Bezos implored any internal employees unhappy with their employer to email him directly. I knew that few people would risk retribution by sending such […]

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