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Manufacturer Part Number [Updated 2020]

Online shopping has made getting such items much easier by connecting buyers with a world of previously out-of-reach sources. Often, the best places to find specific parts are direct from the manufacturer or from eBay. However, manufacturers often don’t want to deal directly with consumers or they are reluctant to sell single parts, and eBay transactions sometimes leave buyers hanging with sketchy sellers and dud deals. This has created opportunity for Amazon sellers who are willing to dig into Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and include this detail in their listings.

How to Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is challenging, even for experienced sellers and brands. The challenge is often in part due to merchants not fully understanding the Amazon model and their part in creating and perpetuating growth. Learn about the Amazon flywheel and your part in turning the gears. Once you understand that and put best practices to work, you’ll master how to sell successfully on Amazon.

What Makes Successful Amazon Sellers?

The challenge that we as Amazon sellers face (rather, one of the many challenges that we face) is that our world is filled with noise, which makes it hard to discern who’s saying what and what’s worth listening to. This noise comes from the many Internet marketers, software companies, advertisers, and self-proclaimed gurus who are always telling us what we should do, why we should do it, and how working with them will make us a more successful seller. But what about the people who hustle hard and still fail? We never hear them sharing their stories, they come and go without anyone ever noticing. What makes the difference between success and failure in an Amazon seller?

What's New With Google Shopping?

Last month Google announced a new Google Shopping experience to help customers discover and compare millions of products to find the best prices to buy online or from a […]

Amazon Product Liability Insurance: Don't Take Chances, Protect Your Business

I recently sat down with Ashlin Hadden to discuss a red-hot topic: Amazon product liability insurance. Ashlin is the owner of Ashlin Hadden Insurance, a […]

Assessing the Amazon Selling Partner Summit: Chicago 2019

I recently attended the Chicago edition of the Amazon Selling Partner Summit, one of six sold-out events taking place in several cities around the U.S. […]

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2019 Trends in Amazon Account Suspension and Brand Protection

Today I sat down with CJ Rosenbaum, Founding Partner and Managing Attorney at Amazon Sellers Lawyers. The firm represents sellers dealing with Amazon account suspension, policy […]

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Amazon Boost with FBA Conference: Should You Attend?

Amazon-Hosted Conferences: The Early Years Amazon hosting conferences for sellers isn’t new, but its method for doing so is newly revamped. If you’ve been around […]

Amazon Email Policy Change? Nope. Check Your Compliance with Existing Policy? Yes!

Rumors have been swirling over the last several weeks about some pretty massive changes to Amazon’s email policy regarding Buyer-Seller Messaging. I want to take […]

Amazon Adds Video to Enhanced Brand Content (Limited Beta)

UPDATE: September 24, 2019: From Amazon: “Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content.” Amazon quietly released a video uploading function yesterday for Enhanced Brand […]

What Amazon's 250 Character Indexing Maximum Means for Merchants

Update: August 22, 2018: Clarifications About Update to Search Term Field You bet that Amazon keyword guidelines have changed again. For a full explanation and […]

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