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China Day 7 – Shanghai Markets and IT Shops

Our third day in Shanghai we didn’t have a lot planned. It was intended to be somewhat of a restful day, but we managed to pack it pretty full with exploring and shopping.

Our first stop was with Todd Embly with Chinaccelerator–a software accelerator based out of Shanghai. He provided some great insights into the Chinese software development and Venture Capital markets. We also got a glimpse a the People Squared co-working space where a lot of software developers worked on products for the Chinese markets.

We spent a bit of time wandering around some of the fabric markets. These were essentially small clothing shops in a swap-meet/mall setting, similar to the electronics markets that we visited in Shenzhen a few days ago. We managed to pick up a few souveniers here for family and friends at home. I also found a picture of Shanghai that I’d like to hang up in our office when we get back to Athens.

The rest of our day was spent eating and browsing for souvenirs back in the Old Town area–as as it was very touristy and had a lot of shops available.

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Brandon Checketts

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