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China: The Gold Rush Frenzy

Chinese Amazon sellers have been a hot topic lately in e-commerce. You’ve probably heard of “Dragon Boat” which is Amazon’s aggressive strategy to increase the flow of products from China and India into the US. Along with this expansion of goods, there has been an expansion of sellers—Chinese sellers to be exact.

Many new Chinese sellers on Amazon haven’t been given the warmest welcome from other sellers. The reputation of these new Chinese sellers has been bruised because of stories of sellers gaming Amazon in order to get ahead. Some of the more notable stories going around the internet are of Chinese sellers hijacking listings, creating fake product reviews and an unwillingness to provide customer support. But much of the frustration many sellers have toward Chinese sellers comes from a lack of education. Selling online—and business as a whole—is much different in China than in North America and Europe.

Understanding Chinese Sellers

Seller Labs partnered with long-time e-commerce expert Noah Herschman to provide Amazon sellers with a resource they could use to better understand Chinese sellers. The fruit of this partnership is an ebook entitled: China: The Amazon Gold Rush Frenzy. This book digs deep into the history of the modern Chinese economy. It compares the West’s 100+ year industrial rise to that of China’s short 20-year rise. The physical, socioeconomic and political landscape of China changed in a generation. This rapid change from a sleepy agrarian society to the fastest-growing economy in human history shaped the Chinese business culture in a way that’s mostly unfamiliar to Western companies. 

Herschman has worked for Amazon, Staples, eBay, Groupon and now Microsoft in various leadership roles involving e-commerce. He has spent the past several years in China, and he understands how the Chinese do business better than any American we’ve met.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

To best describe what this book is, it’s best to describe what it is not. This book is not a special guide that teaches sellers how to beat the Chinese on Amazon. It is not a book that criticizes how Chinese business works. This book simply tells you why Chinese sellers do the things they do. It gives you a glimpse into the paradigm that most Chinese sellers have to operate in.

Key sections of China: The Amazon Gold Rush Frenzy

  • Why gaming the system is highly valued in China
  • Why Chinese people are so competitive
  • Why the Chinese sellers are not customer-focused
  • Why the Chinese don’t let perfection interfere with speed
  • The notion of easy come, easy go in Chinese business culture
  • Why saving face trumps all in Chinese business
  • How Taobao and T-Mall works

Cory Checketts

Cory is the content marketing manager at Seller Labs. He has more than five years of experience doing strategic communications and professional writing. When he’s not writing he’s getting dropped off the back of amateur cycling pelotons or yammering incessantly about Porsche.

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