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Feedback Genius Product Update – March 2018

Managing your Amazon seller reputation is easier than ever with Feedback Genius’ new dashboard. As soon as you log in, you’ll know the number of messages you’ve sent, product reviews you’ve received, and seller feedback ratings you’ve been given.

What’s New with Feedback Genius?

New Seller Dashboard


See your seller account health as soon as you log in without clicking deeper into Feedback Genius. The new dashboard is faster, simpler and ergonomically superior to what it replaced.

What you’ll see on your dashboard

  • Message performance
  • Seller feedback count
  • Product review count
  • Sent messages count

Message Performance

Take a deep dive into your messages’ performance with a simple graph showing the total number of orders, sent messages, compared to your open rate and unsubscribed rate. With this data, you can determine the efficacy of your messages with ease.

Blacklist Updates

Managing your email blacklists is easier than before. Now, when you add a new entry to your seller-specific blacklist, Feedback Genius will let you know if that buyer already exists on your blacklist. No more wondering if a buyer got added when it was a duplicate entry.

The filtering functionality has also been improved with two new options; filter by Email Blacklist and Auto Negative Feedback. We’ve also added functionality for denoting buyers that have been added to the global blacklist after a buyer clicks the global unsubscribe option in the footer of your message.

Seller Feedback & Product Review Notifications

All of your important notifications are now in the updated dashboard. Maintaining a healthy Amazon seller account is important to your success. Whenever you log in, you’ll know right away about any recent feedback or reviews. Clicking on either notification will take you to the respective page in Feedback Genius.

Moving Forward

Connecting with your buyers is imperative to your success on Amazon. Our team works tirelessly to give you the best product for doing just that. That’s why we offer advanced triggering and industry-leading filters for customizing your messages to reach buyers at the right time.

LoriAnne Carpenter

LoriAnne is a product manager at Seller Labs. She works tirelessly to ensure customers get the best experience using Feedback Genius. In her free time, she does archery and listens to Metallica—often at the same time.

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