Edward "PPC Ed" Ruffin And The Future Of Amazon Advertising

UPDATE: September 24, 2019: From Amazon: “Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content!”

We’re continuing our Resonate 2019 spotlight interviews with presenters who’ll be at the event. This week, we sat down with Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin, Account Director for Seller Labs Managed Services and expert on all things Amazon Advertising.

Edward is a familiar face at industry events and has become a go-to expert for knowledge about all things Amazon Advertising. It may sound silly, or even impossible, but Edward is truly passionate about Amazon Advertising and every new development and opportunity that arises.

Known for his subject-matter expertise and his commitment to his clients, PPC Ed is a much-loved, much-respected self-described “ad nerd.” You can catch Edward and other members of the Seller Labs Managed Services team at Resonate on May 7-8.

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Q&A with Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin, Seller Labs Managed Services Account Director

What is one thing you wish Amazon sellers knew or were clearer on?

ER: As most sellers know by now, in order to succeed on Amazon, you have to advertise your products. This will provide you with more exposure and will get your products in front of more potential buyers. However, I have seen too many Amazon sellers who create ads for their products and expect them to immediately drive their sales upwards.

Sellers need to understand that even if you have an incredible advertising campaign running, you will not see the sales you want unless you have an optimized listing. Think of it like handing out flyers to people for a great new restaurant but when they get there it is in terrible condition and the food is mediocre at best. Instead, every seller on Amazon should start with their listings. They should optimize them with powerful keywords, incredible imagery and enhanced brand content (if they are eligible).

Reviews also play a huge part in this. How can you expect anyone to visit your restaurant unless other people have left stellar reviews about it?

You’ve embraced the “advertising nerd” label and you’re known affectionately in the industry as “PPC Ed.” What started your interest in Amazon advertising?

ER: I have always been intrigued by advertisements, even when I was a kid. I would watch cartoons for hours and study all the commercials in between episodes. I have always loved how they target certain types of people and how companies work so hard to make advertisements stand out.

In my time working in retail, I learned more about advertising tactics. I also studied business and marketing. It was then that I realized that advertising is imperative to a brand’s success.

When I came to Seller Labs I was fortunate enough to work on the Ignite beta and I dove straight into PPC. I studied the tactics and strategies for advertising on Amazon and couldn’t get enough of it. Now I get to work on advertising every day and I love it!

What trends do you foresee in Amazon advertising in 2019?

ER: Two Words: increased competition. With so many new tactics and strategies for advertising on Amazon, more and more sellers are learning that you have to advertise on Amazon to be successful. Because of this, the cost of advertising will increase and the overall competition in the ad space is growing.

We have already seen an increase in the number of sellers who are starting to take their advertising more seriously this year alone. With the competition becoming fierce, it will be harder to conquer advertising without understanding the ins and outs in depth.

Our goal is to help more sellers gain ad space while navigating through this increased competition.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to an Amazon brand just getting started with Amazon advertising?

If you are a brand, apply for brand registry! Then you can take advantage of everything Amazon is offering brands these days. Once you are registered, you can use Enhanced Brand Content, build a beautiful storefront, create Sponsored Brand Ads, and so much more!

We always enjoy working with brands because we have so many more tools at our fingertips. Amazon is shifting its focus towards new brands on their platform and every brand should see this as an opportunity. Amazon wants your brand to succeed — and so do I!

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