The New Global Blacklist Feature in Feedback Genius Avoids Sending Emails to Opted Out Amazon Shoppers

By Cory Checketts | Amazon

Apr 03

Amazon’s recent update to the Buyer-Seller Messaging system allowing shoppers to opt out of unsolicited emails from third-party merchants has left many merchants scrambling for solutions. 

Global Blacklisting

Luckily, the Feedback Genius development team has created a viable solution. Feedback Genius’s new Global Blacklist feature prevents merchants from sending messages to shoppers who end up on the Global Blacklist (either by email auto-forward or by them opting out of all Feedback Genius messages). Simply put, a merchant cannot manually add shoppers to the Global Blacklist except through the email auto-forwarding method. This new feature works alongside the existing blacklist feature.

An unsubscribe link appears at the bottom of every Feedback Genius message. When a shopper clicks on the link, they will now be taken to a landing page where they can choose to opt out of receiving messages from a specific merchant, and/or all messages sent from Feedback Genius. Keep in mind that all unsubscriptions from the Feedback Genius Global Blacklist will expire after one year. This means that Feedback Genius will attempt to send messages to shoppers who have opted out one year later.

An option is still available for merchants to ignore the Global Blacklist using a filter, which can be found in the Advanced Filters section of the message editor. This filter will enable messages to be sent to shoppers who are on the Global Blacklist. Understand, that this filter should only be used for critical messages. These would include things like customer service messages, instructions or an owner’s manual.

The default setting is to ignore the Global Blacklist filter. The filter is set this way because there is no way of knowing the intent of a message. Merchants will need to adjust the filters for each message they don’t want to send to shoppers on the Global Blacklist.

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Amazon Opt-Out Emails

Merchants will still need to forward any bounced emails from Amazon to Feedback Genius. This can be accomplished using the Auto Blacklist feature for now. But why would merchants want to do this? Because merchants need to limit the number of bounced emails from Amazon; they want to avoid wasting Feedback Genius messages, and they want to prevent skewed analytics from bounced emails.

Learn How to Forward Bounced Emails

When merchants forward Order IDs from the Amazon bounced emails, Feedback Genius will add the associated buyer to the Global Blacklist. However, an Amazon MWS representative has indicated that Amazon is looking into ways to make information about shoppers who have opted out of receiving seller communication proactively available. Here’s the original message from the Seller Central forum:

I just wanted to give everybody an update on this issue.

No accounts will be suspended for this, as we recognize that there is no way for you to gain access to this information. While the original response was strongly worded, this will be changing in the very near future, and the aspect of suspension will be removed from future messages.

For now, our suggestion is keeping a list of the buyers for whom you receive these notifications, and add them to a blacklist for future communications. We are looking into ways to make this information available so that this workaround doesn’t have to be the primary way of tracking this data.

We thank you all for your patience and bringing this to our attention.

Future Updates to the Global Blacklist

The next version of the Global Blacklist will mine data we’ve collected from individual merchants’ blacklists. It will then automatically add Amazon shoppers who appear on three or more merchants’ blacklists into the Feedback Genius Global Blacklist. This feature will allow us to create a sizeable, smart and proprietary blacklist to benefit every Feedback Genius user.

In the event that Amazon provides more information about shoppers who have opted out of receiving merchant communications, we will make the relevant updates to ensure Feedback Genius prevents sending messages to those customers.


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