How Ignite Lowered ACoS Percentages & Ad Spending for Amazon Marketplace Agency Quiverr

We recently spoke with Ryan and Daniel of Quiverr, a full-service Amazon marketplace brand management agency, about how they help their clients win on Amazon through automated Buyer-Seller Messaging and how Ignite has lowered ACoS percentages and ad spending for their clients. But first, a little background on Quiverr.  

Ryan started the company nearly four years ago out of another digital agency. Ryan had a side hustle of selling textbooks on Amazon as well as doing some drop shipping. Ryan realized that there were some big wins to be had in terms of Amazon’s lack of SEO. He noticed he wasn’t getting relevant search results and this was mainly due to drop shipping. Upon realizing this, he saw there was a massive opportunity to work with brands instead of competing with them through drop shipping.

He connected with a few brands which were not paying attention to the channel and pitched them this idea: if they invested in Amazon SEO—with his help—they could appear in relevant shopper searches and sell more products. Several brands decided to employ his expertise and that’s when he started Quiverr.

What does Quiverr do?

As stated before, Quiverr is a full-service marketplace brand management agency, which means Ryan and his team help brands optimize and control their product content, sellers, prices, feedback and advertising strategies. They also launch their own products on Amazon to do testing, which trickles down to their strategies for the bigger brands they manage. Quiverr is a top 100 seller on Amazon with a platinum account to boot, which enables them to be a predominant agency for larger consumer packaged goods brands.

How Quiverr Manages Their Clients’ Amazon Accounts

Automated Buyer-Seller emails with Feedback Genius

Automation is key to Ryan and Daniel’s ability to manage multiple accounts effectively. They rely on Feedback Genius to automate all of their clients’ buyer-seller emails. “I used to send out emails manually—even 10 orders a day gets cumbersome,” Ryan said. Email automation has saved them more than once—especially when they started. They launched a product on Amazon and forgot to include instructions. Instead of physically sending out instructions to every buyer, they were able to email a PDF. When they ordered more inventory, they made sure to include instructions in the package. They use Feedback Genius to make sure every buyer is happy because happy buyers are more likely to leave a review.

Amazon Sponsored Products Management with Ignite

Up until 2016, Quiverr was underutilizing paid search. That’s why Daniel Tejada was brought on board because he has an extensive background in SEO and PPC. “The model of getting incentivized reviews was unstainable,” Daniel said. “Sponsored Products advertising is the best way to get visibility because it puts products into a funnel for shoppers.”

To run effective ad campaigns, it takes a person working on them full-time to really learn the process. Advertising takes time, money and patience and it can burn merchants out. Big brands often don’t realize how important it is to actively be running Sponsored Products ads. This is because there are merchants who sell a few products who spend all of their time on their businesses. And sometimes large brands begin selling on Amazon and they don’t take these smaller merchants seriously and they get beat. The opposite can happen, too, where smaller merchants are doing all of the right things—thinking they are winning—but learn they can compete with bigger brands and still make a profit.

Quiverr has been using Ignite for the past three months to manage its clients’ Sponsored Products campaigns. The program has helped the company in a variety of ways. Such as making customer Search Terms reports easier to read. Instead of exporting the report then opening it in Excel, Daniel can see how his search terms are doing, make the necessary adjustments and be done.

He especially loves that all of his campaigns’ historical data is saved within Ignite. Instead of only seeing 60 days’ worth of data, he can see all of his data since he connected Ignite to Amazon’s Sponsored Products API. Ignite’s Managed Campaign functionality shows Daniel his campaigns’ historical data and then makes recommendations as to what he should do. “I used to spend a quarter of my time pulling reports and then making the data easy to read,” he said. “When I started using Ignite, I would still download the reports and compare it side by side with Ignite and the data was on point every time—this led to me gaining trust with the system.”

Along with historical Search Term reports, Ignite is a capable Amazon keyword research tool. Using data from Search Term reports, a merchant can compare Ignite’s suggested keywords to make educated keyword match type decisions.

Unfortunately, most merchants don’t understand how long it takes for Sponsored Products ads to get good ACoS percentages and data sets. Daniel has seen some campaigns run for two months before they hit their desired ACoS percentage. He says once this happens, suddenly their ads are booming. Merchants have to put in the work up front to see the results later.

What Has Quiverr’s Overall Experience Been with Ignite?

Ryan and Daniel have seen lower ACoS percentages and more efficient ad spending across all of their Ignite Managed Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. They have been testing a variety of variables to see if and how Sponsored Products ads affect organic sales. Ignite’s optimization suggestions have been one of the biggest value-adds for Quiverr’s campaign management. Since they have been using Ignite, they have noticed a downward trend in spending and time spent managing campaigns.

You can learn more about Quiverr’s services at www.quiverr.com.

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