How to Launch a Product on Amazon with Snagshout

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Launching a product on Amazon is as intimidating as it is challenging. We’ve put together this guide to help alleviate the learning curve that comes with tackling the internet’s number one product search engine. Our secret ingredient? The powerful tool Snagshout. Let’s break down exactly how to launch a product on Amazon with Snagshout, and get to the top of Amazon’s search engine. 

Issues With Launching A Product

If you launch a new product on Amazon with no momentum it’ll be incredibly difficult to gain any sales velocity. You’ll have very low visibility, which will lead to low to no traffic. No traffic means no reviews. No reviews means you’ll stay at the bottom of Amazon’s search rank. It’s a vicious cycle. It’d basically boil down to luck for you to break it.

Snagshout Can Get You Noticed on Amazon

Snagshout makes launching a product on Amazon much easier. Putting your product up on Snagshout first is like launching with momentum built in. You’ll get reviews to build credibility, credibility will build traffic, and traffic means sales. You don’t have to take our word for it though. See how Patrick of the 25K challenge used Snagshout to launch products successfully and challenge top spots in competitive categories.

Patrick’s General Snagshout Strategy

  1. His first step was to write great copy. His main strategy was to simply read the product pages of the top selling SKUs for the keywords he was targeting and applied similar if not exact wording.
  2. The next step was to take great pictures. Patrick always try to fill all eight slots with pictures since a high majority of shoppers will look at every single one. He views each picture slot as another opportunity to sell his product.
  3. Patrick sold over 150 apple slicers on Snagshout for about $1 each. He now has more than 400 reviews. This translates to instant and easy credibility.
  4. He limited his Snagshout sales to 20 or 30 units per day, which inadvertently helped in his search ranking. Patrick now ranks on page one of organic search for “apple slicer” and “apple wedger.” He’s still on page three for “apple corer,” which is the main keyword in apple slicer. Ranking among the top 10 items in an organic search is a win for any seller.

If you’d like to see a more day by day strategy please check out Patrick’s other post December 2015 Snagshout Strategy Breakdown!

How Patrick Used Scope With Snagshout To Challenge the Top Ranking

He limited the discount to 10 per day. Patrick chose 10 after researching the month sales generated by the top products using Seller Labs’s research product: Scope. The top product sells about 300 units per month. If he get 10 sales per day, he would sell as many as the top seller.

Patrick priced his Snagshout campaign at $4.98. He read a post on the Seller Labs blog stating that products priced below $4.98 sell the most. he also setup another Snagshout campaign at $1. The reason for two campaigns was to give him options to achieve his 10 sales per day.

Get Started Today

Snagshout can be the spark to jump-start any product launch and give seller’s an advantage in leaping ranks and maintaining leads over the competition. Click here to see our infographic on just how easy it is to start a Snagshout campaign. With Snagshout any seller is ready to launch a product on Amazon with ease and confidence.

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Cory Checketts

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