Learn How to Use the Short Names Feature in Feedback Genius

The Short Product Name feature within Feedback Genius allows you to choose and assign a new display name for your products’ messages. This feature allows further customization in how your messages display relevant order information to shoppers, and they add a personal touch with the help of email variables.

Why You Would Use It

The Short Product Name feature gives you a cleaner and customized way to reference your product within your messages. Instead of referencing your product by its full listing title as it appears on Amazon, you can shorten it—resulting in more personalized and readable message.

For example, if your product’s listing title contains multiple keywords, in addition to the product’s name, such as Apple Slicer, Wedger, Cutter and Corer with Easy Rubber Grip Handles and Stainless Steel Blades by Happy Gourmet, you may not want that displayed in your message’s subject line or content of the message. Instead, you could refer to this product by “Apple Slicer” or “Happy Gourmet Apple Slicer”. This is where the Short Product Name feature comes in handy. By combining the Short Product Name with our email variables, you can cut down on the verbal clutter in your messages and direct your customer’s attention to your call to action.

How to Use It

To access this feature, select the Products tab in your Feedback Genius account. Before you can assign Short Product Names to your ASINs, you’ll need to add your product’s ASIN to the Products Dashboard. Here’s the two-step process on how to do that:

  1. You can automatically sync up to 250 products within Feedback Genius. If you sell below 250 products on Amazon, Feedback Genius can automatically sync and add those products to the Products dashboard, too.
  2. You can manually add the desired products by entering the ASIN or product’s name in the search field and click Search. Select Add to include the product to your dashboard.


After the ASIN is added to the Products dashboard, you can enter a Short Product Name for each ASIN added. Enter the desired short name in the field and click the disk icon to save your changes.


From then on, whenever you use the [[product-name]] variable, it will now render the product’s assigned short name instead of the product’s full listing title on Amazon.  

Please note, the short name functionality is limited to 30 characters.

All Done

And that’s how you assign a short product name to your products!

As with all Feedback genius features, please feel free to contact our support team at if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

Nicole Freeman

Nicole is a customer success agent at Seller Labs focused on all things Feedback Genius. Not only does she do live support for customers, but she also hosts the weekly webinars and writes how-to guides for the Seller Labs blog.

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