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You’ve probably heard a lot of chatter recently about Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon Marketplace sellers lately. Things like, “You need to update your listings for better conversions,” and “Enhanced Brand Content will easily connect shoppers with your brand.” All of these things are potential side effects of using Enhanced Brand Content. But before you start updating all of your Amazon listings, we wanted to compare the pros and cons of Enhanced Brand Content in Seller Central and A+ Content Detail Pages in Vendor Central.

Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content Detail Pages

Although Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content Detail Pages both serve a large goal to provide the shopper with a richer brand experience, they are both quite different. But let’s clear up some confusion that exists between the two programs. A+ Detail Pages is found inside Vendor Central, and is often referred to as A+ Content; Enhanced Brand Content is found inside Seller Central, which can also be referred to as A+ Content. They may appear to be the same but they are different.

The Pros and Cons of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


  • It’s free to use.
  • It’s only available to sellers who have their products in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • It has straightforward page creation. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS to create an Enhanced Brand Content page.
  • You can copy the content from one of your SKUs to make a new Enhanced Brand Content page just by submitting the SKU number.
  • You can further engage the consumer with imagery.
  • You are not limited to just product descriptions. You can educate the consumer on the brand.
  • The preview mode gives a seller a holistic view of what their page will look like when it’s live.
  • You can update content to support Amazon marketing initiatives.
  • You can continually check the status of your submission.
  • Helps increase conversion rate.
  • Perfect for storytelling and product marketing.


  • There isn’t much room for personalization or customization. Amazon limits sellers to five templates.
  • It can take a while to get a page reviewed and approved. Even then, there’s no guarantee a page will get approved the first time.
  • Amazon does not give the seller specific image dimensions for their Enhanced Brand Content Detail Page.
  • There are no modules that the consumer can interact with.
  • Does not increase consumer relevancy to the product.

The Pros and Cons of A+ Content Detail Pages


  • There are 12 interchanging modules that can be used to create unique detail pages.
  • Two of the 12 modules allow the shopper to engage with the content. One redirects the shopper and the other is a hover module.
  • A+ Content increases consumer relevancy to the product, and in turn creates a lift in traction to the listing.
  • You can copy the content from one of your ASINs to make a new A+ Content page just by submitting the ASIN.
  • There are two preview windows. One is a small window within the portal and the other is a live representation of the content piece.
  • It has straightforward page creation. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS to create an A+ Detail Page.
  • You can update content to support Amazon marketing initiatives.
  • Perfect for storytelling and product marketing.


  • Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only service.
  • A+ Detail Pages are expensive. Amazon charges a flat rate of $1,500 to build one page, which covers an ASIN variation family and is good up to ve modules. The Self-Service option costs $600 per ASIN variation family.
  • Significant resources are required to generate, publish and update the A+ Content Detail Pages.
  • There is no submission portal that provides insight for denied A+ Content submissions.

What Enhanced Brand Content Means for Sellers

This new feature offers sellers many options. This means brands can take more control of their messaging on Amazon. Brands used to be limited to the standard detail page format of eight pictures, five bullet points and a product description. Now brands can highlight key features of their products and offer more information on how a product benefits a consumer’s life and how they can use it. Not to mention, Enhanced Brand Content is much more affordable than A+ Content Detail Pages.

Overall, this program is a win-win-win solution. Amazon wins because shoppers will spend more time on a listing, hopefully resulting in more sales. Brands win because they can promote their products better and hopefully convert more shoppers. And shoppers win because this program enhances their shopping experience and provides further details and information about a product so they can make an informed purchase.

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Cory Checketts

Cory is the content marketing manager at Seller Labs. He has more than five years of experience doing strategic communications and professional writing. When he’s not writing he’s getting dropped off the back of amateur cycling pelotons or yammering incessantly about motorsports.

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    1. From what I’ve read and heard, the original product description is still indexed so if your original product descriptions are well written, that shouldn’t be an issue. The EBC just sits on top, so to speak.

      1. This is also what I’ve read, but also I’ve seen a decrease in organic sales after activating EBC to contradict this. My suggestion would be to wait to activate EBC until your product is well known and established (high review count, seeing your target daily sales velocity consistently, and page 1 placement for your target category). The indexing for EBC is a very unknown region right now, so I wouldn’t just assume that what’s in your original descriptions is indexing as Amazon is very unclear about this.

  1. Cory, great information. How does Enhanced Brand Content affect mobile customers? Do they review the same amount of information on a mobile as they do on a desktop?


    1. That’s a great question. How a shopper views Enhanced Brand Content on a mobile device depends greatly on the device. In fact, iPads show EBC probably better than any other device. Mobile phones stack the content. I’ve noticed A+ Content shows better than EBC. But EBC is getting better every month.

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