In Case You Missed It: A Quick News Roundup for Amazon Sellers

This week we’ve added our new ICYMI section to the blog as a way of keeping Amazon sellers better in the loop. We know that there’s no shortage of Amazon-related news and no shortage of sources competing to report that news. ICYMI: Quick News for Amazon Sellers isn’t about that; it’s about providing a seller-centric story roundup of the week’s doings. We hope you find this a useful addition.

Happy selling and have a great weekend! Oh, don’t forget to take the necessary steps to Beat Amazon Long-Term Storage Fees before they kick in on August 15 and to get your business sales-tax compliant via the awesome Multi-State Tax Amnesty opportunity. Seize the day, sellers!

Lena R. Liberman

Lena is the Ignite Marketing Specialist at Seller Labs. She has nearly 20 years of marketing and product experience, heavily concentrated in the fields of technology, publishing, education, and commerce. When not gathering information and writing about it, Lena can be found restoring vintage furniture or hiking with her dogs.

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