Resonate 2017 – The Only E-commerce Conference Designed for Professional Amazon Sellers

Seller Labs is pleased to announce Resonate, the only e-commerce conference designed to meet the complex needs of professional Amazon sellers. Join us May 2-3, 2017 at the Atlanta Tech Village in Atlanta, Georgia.

After last year’s tour de force event, we’re upping the ante for Resonate in 2017 with bigger speakers and more in-depth, profit-generating workshops.

Relevant Information About Resonate

Resonate’s Mission

The mission behind Resonate is to challenge how merchants think about selling on Amazon, to provide them with actionable insights to help them grow their businesses and to connect them with other expert Amazon sellers.

Who Should Attend Resonate?

Serious and professional Amazon sellers. We want people who are seeking to take their businesses to a bigger stage. The content shared at Resonate is advanced, don’t plan on hearing the basics. Resonate’s content starts where most conference content ends.

Number of Attendees

Last year Resonate had 120 attendees. We like to keep the number of attendees small to enable networking and learning from fellow attendees. We are increasing to number of available slots for this year’s show, but the attendance will still be limited to ensure a similar experience.

98% of Resonate in 2016 attendees said they would return for future shows.

10x Your Conference Investment

We know that attending conferences and tradeshows is expensive. That’s why we meticulously plan Resonate so you leave with actionable tips, techniques and content. We want you to get a 10x return on your conference investment. Don’t expect our workshops and lectures to be full of fluff. You’ll never be required to purchase a course after the show in order to receive the real meat of what was presented.


We surveyed those attended last year and are making a few changes.  We believe that workshops should not just teach you what you should do but also show you how to do it. Our industry experts will teach you the techniques and tactics to get the most out of your products so you can make more money.  

More Than Just Amazon…You!

What sets Resonate apart from other conference is that we don’t just talk Amazon. We talk about you! We want our attendees to learn how they can be better business people and sellers.  Some of our content will be focused on Amazon.  But much of our content will be focused on your personal development as a businessperson. We want you to strike the balance between your personal growth and with your Amazon business growth.

More to Come

Stay tuned for more Resonate Conference updates in the coming weeks. We’ll be announcing speakers and doing agenda highlights.

Get your tickets today!

Early Bird Pricing: $499 – Ends March 31, 2017

Committed Pricing: $549 – Ends April 15, 2017

Last Minute Pricing: $599 – Ends May 1, 2017

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