Beyond Platform Thinking: Data, Business Growth & Personas

Today we shine the Resonate 2019 speaker spotlight on Seller Labs VP of Marketing, Molly Maple Bryant. Molly’s been with Seller Labs since the new year and she’s made a huge contribution with her SaaS experience, plus her creativity, knowledge, and energy. She’s based in our Charleston office and she’s already shared some of her ideas and her voice on the Seller Labs blog; check out Molly’s Prosper Show recap, “Where the Winners Are,” and her key explanation of “The Four Cornerstones of Amazon Advertising.”

Q&A with Molly Maple Bryant, VP of Marketing at Seller Labs

molly maple bryant vp seller labs resonate speaker

Seller Labs: Molly, working with you daily, I know how busy you are so thanks for making time for this Q&A. I promise to keep it short, so let’s get to it! You’re fairly new to Resonate and Seller Labs. What do you think separates Resonate from other conferences for Amazon sellers?

Molly: I recently got back from Prosper, so it’s a great time to think about this. It seems like many of the industry conferences are just that—focused just on Amazon selling, getting started, using Seller Central, using particular products, etc. Resonate really stands out as a highly curated event focused not just on Amazon but on improving your business as a whole. Why is that important? Well, what if some other ecom hegemon emerges? Or you decide to go bricks-and-mortar? Or something else happens? Your business is more than just a buying platform, so much more. So you need strategies that go beyond platform thinking, too.

Seller Labs: Why do you think the addition of the Resonate Women’s Mastermind event is so important in our industry?

Molly: I recently had the pleasure of seeing Sallie Krawcheck, founder of Ellevest, speak in person. Something she said was “Getting more money into the hands of women is good for women, but it’s also good for their families, for the economy, and for society.” What I love about this statement is that when women win, we all win, and I believe it 100%. That’s why I’m so excited for the Women’s Mastermind. Seller Labs is really landing hard on the idea that women working together to help each other grow businesses will benefit all of us. It’s true and important.

Seller Labs: What’s one tip you’d give to a brand looking to grow its business in 2019?

Molly: One thing that business leaders don’t understand about marketers is that we’re numbers people. My background is in computing and tech and I am so driven by numbers. In thinking about how to grow, I would ask any business owner: “What does the data tell you? What do you know about your buyers?” Location and age are a start, but I’d be looking to understand buying cycles and trends. And based on the data, I’d be doing some research and strategizing about where to invest my advertising money leading up to Prime Day and the summer. So my tip is: Don’t just think you know. Look at the data and find out for sure. Then you can make good decisions.

Seller Labs: You hit on the importance of knowing one’s buyers. What is one simple way that a brand can be persona-driven on the Amazon Marketplace?

Molly: Messaging—plain and simple. One of the best uses of a persona, which I can’t wait to talk about with the Resonate crowd, is to use it to model how you build out your communications. By defining a persona, I can start to understand what those types of buyers value, what they struggle with, and what solutions they seek. As I get to know them, I can better speak their language . . . and ultimately optimize my content, whether in product descriptions or emails or graphics, to better connect with them.

Catch Molly (and many more experts, innovators, and inspirers) at Resonate 2019 in Atlanta on May 7-8. Register today and save $250 on tickets with code MOLLY.

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