Understanding How And Why To Scale Up Amazon Advertising

Understanding How (and Why) to Scale Up Amazon Advertising

Happy New Year! Let’s waste no time getting down to business!

The big Amazon story of 2018 was that of Amazon Advertising consolidation and expansion. Amazon not only brought all of its advertising services under one umbrella at Advertising.Amazon.com, it also disrupted the Google-Facebook PPC advertising duopoly. While Amazon is still in the awkward tween stage of becoming a major player in this new triumvirate, it is indeed on its way with nearly 5% of PPC advertising share and rapid gains each successive quarter.

That said, as we enter 2019, one of the biggest areas for potential growth for sellers and brands is Amazon Advertising expansion. I could bore you with stats or I could provide you information that is far more compelling, namely that Amazon itself is ALL IN on advertising—increasingly on its own platform and off of it as well. And that’s a bright green light to you that you need to scale up Amazon Advertising. Why? Because no company recognizes opportunity for growth like Amazon does.

2018: Amazon Advertising disrupted the Google-Facebook PPC duopoly.
2019: Amazon Advertising is expected to go next level and explode.
Right Now: Are you ready to seize the opportunity to grow with Amazon?
You need to understand your situation and start your growth plans today.

So, yes, you should be all in too. Actually, you’ve probably been in for some time. By that I mean that you’re already advertising on Amazon using Sponsored Products. But that’s not enough anymore. As Amazon has upped its game, so must you up yours. In this hyper-competitive, hyper-accelerated environment that is the Amazon Marketplace, you need to proceed strategically. You need to be bold but not reckless.

Your first step: Assessing your readiness to scale up Amazon Advertising and, in turn, understanding what you need to do in order to best position yourself for the right kind of expansion.

I want you to understand two things before you take any action:

  1. What scaling up your Amazon Advertising means and how you might enact these efforts.
  2. How ready you currently are to move forward with increased investment.

What do I mean when I say “scale up Amazon Advertising”? I mean taking your advertising to the next level and investing more time and more money and more expertise in your advertising efforts.

This could take any or all of the following forms:

All of these things require time, money, and knowledge. So before you invest in scaling up and spending more to make more and to build your brand and grow your revenue, you need to assess where you stand now and where you want to be in the future.

We’ve created the following model to help you best understand your situation, challenges, and opportunities. Click here or on the image to grab your free full Amazon Advertising Assessment.

Scale Up Amazon Advertising Assessment Square

Assessing yourself and your advertising efforts and ambitions (“working the square”) will tell you everything you need to know about your readiness for scaling and how best to do so. Download our free Amazon Advertising Assessment using the form below, take your personal inventory, and get help and direction with next steps.

Lena R. Liberman

Lena is the Ignite Marketing Specialist at Seller Labs. She has nearly 20 years of marketing and product experience, heavily concentrated in the fields of technology, publishing, education, and commerce. When not gathering information and writing about it, Lena can be found restoring vintage furniture or hiking with her dogs.

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