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6 Quintessential Reasons Why Seller Labs Is Better Than Jungle Scout [All Myths Debunked]

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

Jungle Scout or Seller Labs? 

I feel a bit confused every time I have to choose between the two different tools, opinions, or courses of action, as there’s no such thing as black and white.

Everything has a downside, and the same goes for Amazon selling software—it can either take your Amazon business to the next level or stall your growth or, worse, leave you having an empty cart.

Though seemingly similar at first glance, Seller Labs and Jungle Scout offer a different set of features. So how can you evaluate the value each of the tools provide?

Let’s start things off by answering the questions every Amazon seller asks: 

  • What do Seller Labs and Jungle Scout do? 
  • Can either of these platforms help you turn Amazon into your most profitable sales channel?
  • If so, then how can you bring it into play?

What is Seller Labs? 

Seller Labs is a one-of-a-kind revenue optimization platform that can help you eliminate guesswork from your marketing efforts by providing you with all the right tools you need to succeed as an Amazon seller. 

With Seller Labs, you are fully equipped to deal with the following:

  • Get deep insights into how your current Amazon strategy is impacting your sales numbers using our neat Start Your Day Dashboard. Not much to look at? We feel you on that. And we have a solution for you.
  • Looking to get ACoS down on Amazon? We’ve got you covered. Optimize your PPC with the help of our advertising toolkit powered by machine learning and AI algorithms.
  • Make your communication with unhappy buyers less of a struggle using our Communication Center powered by Feedback Genius. We know how to boost the number of reviews on Amazon with no risk of being banned.
  • Win the #1 position in Amazon’s SERP — that’s, as you may know, not that easy at all — with our smart Amazon keyword tool.
  • No more ‘gut decisions’. Gain an accurate and deep understanding of your Amazon store performance with the help of our Amazon Seller Analytics software.
  • You have to be on top of what is going on in the industry and inside your business. We’ll get you notified every time you get a bad review or run out of stock.

What is Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout is a product research tool for Amazon sellers that can help find and launch a successful product on Amazon. 

While Seller Labs has a reputation for providing users with easy-to-understand performance metrics, Jungle Scout “seems to have slightly missed the mark on how to most effectively compile data for analysis”, according to the reviews on G2.

Some of the most popular solutions you can take advantage of with JungleScout are: 

  • Software that helps determine the most profitable items to sell on Amazon — best for beginners.
  • Great tools to manage your Amazon business, which includes listing optimization, keyword strategy improvement, getting reviews, and so many more.
  • A set of advanced tools for enterprise Amazon businesses, including API integration for in-depth product database management.

So what’s the difference between Seller Labs and Jungle Scout?

As you can see, a quick overview of these two Amazon selling platforms showed that both tools are equally feature-rich and provide you with plenty of ways to grow your business on Amazon. Therefore, without a deep analysis, calling one better than the other would be unfair. Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out how the two tools stack up.

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Things Seller Labs & Jungle Scout Have in Common and How They Stack Up Against Each Other

1. A Free Trial — Yes or No?

Seller Labs has a free 30-day trial that allows you to give the software a whirl and understand whether it fits your business needs or not. Jungle Scout doesn’t have such an option at the moment, so you have to choose one of their paid plans. Hobson’s choice. 


Without a free trial, the only way for the customer to evaluate the tool is through the initial perception, which can often be misleading. 

2. Support of Multiple Marketplaces

Both Seller Labs and Jungle Scout support multiple marketplaces across the globe, such as,, and even the Japanese one. The difference is that Seller Labs gives you access to 11 Amazon marketplaces, while Jungle Scout allows you to sell on 9 marketplaces only. 

Amazon marketplaces
Source: Seller Labs Dashboard

Seller Labs’ Amazon Keyword tool, though, is exclusively focused on the U.S market only, while Jungle Scout’s product search tool as well as Seller Labs PRO overall are available just about anywhere. 


The more Amazon marketplaces the tool supports, the more exposure you get.

3. Extensions and Applications

Both have a browser extension and a web application for their product research tools and sales estimators. SellerLabs’ keyword recommendation tool that is a part of Seller Labs PRO has a nifty Google Chrome extension that allows you to pull all the data related to your product niche, including competitor sales stats and keywords used in real-time without leaving Amazon. 

Really helpful Amazon research tool, pulls up a wealth of sales data.

Travis Donley

Jungle Scout’s Google Chrome extension can be slow at times, and the data is not as accurate as monitoring products through the web app.


The ability to browse competitor keywords without leaving Amazon is a nice option to have. However, you should make sure the app works as it is supposed to.

4. Tracking Capabilities

Both Seller Labs and Jungle Scout have powerful Amazon product tracker tools. The one by Seller Labs is considered to be more robust than Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout due to its reverse-ASIN keyword generator that pulls the list of keywords competitors are using to promote their products in Amazon’s SERP. Plus, there’s a proprietary algorithm that calculates a Score for each given keyword based on its sales rank and price history. 

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Seller Labs Scope

Jungle Scout has recently moved to offering this feature as well but, according to the reviews, it’s still pretty crude. 


Unique features make the whole difference in the world. The more unique value the tool providers, the more money it is likely to bring to the table.

See the review below:

Sometimes the data [of the JS app] is not totally accurate, so we have to hedge that when presenting to clients. Additionally, the parent/child ASIN dynamic can get a bit confusing.

Does It Make More Sense Now?

Now that we have a bigger picture of what both Seller Labs and Jungle Scout look like from the inside, we can assume that the elaborate photo-op doesn’t necessarily mean real beauty. And the real beauty of the software tool is in its ability to adapt to market conditions and meet even the highest customer expectations. 

Businesses that align their success with their customers, as per HubSpot, “not only scale, but create delight, loyalty, and love from the people who matter most.” That’s the main principle of the Flywheel model that has recently come to replace the well-known Funnel model, and that’s the approach Seller Labs is up to as well.

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III. Deal-Breaking Features. Are There Any?

For sure! 

There are a couple of things that differentiate Seller Labs from the well-renowned Jungle Scout solution, as well as Unicorn Smasher and Viral Launch altogether. These are the ability to expand your business beyond Amazon and, as a bonus, a dedicated expert who will dedicate his attention and time to your Amazon account and their ilk.

5. Our All-In-One Platform for Selling ON and OFF Amazon

Let’s start with Jungle Scout and its ability to serve enterprise Amazon sellers and agencies. This service has two offerings for this kind of clients that, at first sight, look quite robust:

  1. Jungle Scout Cobalt — provides market size and market share views for entire categories, subcategories, or space on Amazon to measure addressable market and understand how much of the available market any brand is capturing, and, more importantly, why. This lets you make the best possible decisions for what products to focus on, and how best to leverage them to grow and succeed. 
  2. Downstream — the premier platform for PPC management and automation for Amazon, which Jungle Scout acquired earlier this year. 

Though these two services look quite robust at first sight, corporate clients are not fully satisfied with the level of service they are being provided. 

See the review below:

Steven P

It’s more for the entrepreneur and less for the corporate client.

Understandably, no service is perfect and even a good marksman may miss. What is unique about SellerLabs, then? 

Apart from targeting enterprise customers, Seller Labs, in its turn, moves the needle and offers its clients the opportunity to sell and advertise on and OFF Amazon. Thanks to its partnership with X-Cart, you can now create an online store in addition to your Amazon account. 

Need more info? Schedule a call with one of us and we’ll walk you through the whole process. 

6. A Dedicated Customer Success Manager Who Will Tackle Your Advertising Priorities

Whether it be advertising or Amazon Stores management, listing or messaging optimization, with Seller Labs, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who’ll take it from there and:

  • Audit your Amazon account to find any deficiencies. 
  • Conduct market research to discover opportunities you can capitalize on. 
  • Based on the pulled data, will restructure your existing campaigns, messaging, or whatever and will keep you updated on the results via biweekly calls.
  • Optimize your listings and campaigns even more.
  • Deliver immediate results while freeing you up and letting you focus on what really matters most — your business development.

Jungle Scout also offers all sorts of onboarding services, such as Demo sessions for beginners, customer support, and even a success manager who can help develop a personalized plan for your business. But, again, there are a lot of negative reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites, that makes the Jungle Scout product tracker tool less attractive:

Jungle Scout support is email only, even if you are paying them $1000/year.

I would give Jungle Scout a better rating but customer service is horrible. If you have a problem, like the app stopped working altogether, it takes days and days of email to deal with it.

Not convinced yet?

We get it. Switching to a new software is never easy. 

Set up a call with one of our experts and see it for yourself!!

The best way to check whether any tool is good for you is to have a walk through. 

Our specialists will walk you through Seller Labs’ suite of powerful solutions, that includes a super-insightful Amazon Seller Dashboard to start your day with and a personal online store that can be easily set up and customized with X-Cart

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