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Sellers Moving the Amazon Flywheel

Sellers Moving The Amazon Flywheel: Maximize Your Roles and Rewards In The Amazon Ecosystem

Amazon wants you to succeed as a seller. Your win is their win. But in order to win you need to know how. Sellers Moving the Amazon Flywheel will teach you what Amazon defines as a successful seller. And more importantly, this book will give you step-by-step instruction on how to move the Amazon Flywheel. Take a deep dive into what Discovery, Traffic, Conversion, and Reviews mean for your success on Amazon. After reading this book, you’ll know how to achieve seller bliss—where your sales soar and grow with simple improvements and optimizations.

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Lena R. Liberman

Lena is the Ignite Marketing Specialist at Seller Labs. She has nearly 20 years of marketing and product experience, heavily concentrated in the fields of technology, publishing, education, and commerce. When not gathering information and writing about it, Lena can be found restoring vintage furniture or hiking with her dogs.