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Amazon Sales Strategy – The Biggest Challenge at the China Import/Export Fair

The China Import/Export Fair has many vendors selling a wide breadth of products.

The biggest challenge is finding differentiated products–or somehow not sold by numerous people on Amazon already. The vast majority of products displayed at the Fair already have a customer selling it somewhere in the world. If you attempt to source an existing product and slap a new label on it, you’re likely going to face tough competition.

I got advice from a hugely successful businessman at the Fair. He said I need to customize a product in some aspect so it’s unique because another seller can always sell an existing product one cent cheaper. The Fair makes it easy to meet vendors face to face and discuss making changes, but it’s still a major challenge. Many vendors speak limited English–just enough to make the sale of the product–but not enough to have a sophisticated conversation about adjusting a product.

Creating a differentiated product that consumers are willing to pay is not easily answered by coming to the China Import/Export Fair.

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Patrick Muir

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