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Amazon seller tips – The Importance of Amazon One-Time Use Promo Codes

One of the first questions I typically get asked by merchants is, “How safe is Snagshout to use?” Followed by, “Can my promo code be shared?” Sellers are all too familiar with general-use promo codes. But I encounter many merchants who are unaware of the recent addition of the Amazon one-time use promo codes. These are a great way of protecting your inventory from code-sharing customers and websites.

How are one-time use promo codes different?

Amazon one-time use promo codes have a couple of key distinctions that contrast them with general-use codes. First, they’re much longer. A general-use code is 8 digits long, and might look something like this: ABC123ZY. With the one-time use codes, they’re 16 characters long, and look like this: 12ZY-90GH67-45BNSD. Second, they are randomly generated–so no two codes are the same.

But the most obvious distinction of a one-time use code over a general use one, is that it can only be used once. Imagine that, right? With an 8-digit code, anyone can share it and everyone who has it can redeem it. However, an Amaon one-time use promo code expires once it’s been claimed–no matter how many people you share it with. This means you have a small chance of the promotion going viral and depleting your inventory. Just think of it as an extra level of security!

How do I create one-time use promo codes?

The process is actually quite simple. If you’re familiar with the process of creating a general-use code, then all you have to do is add one extra step into the process. We provide various resources on Snagshout on how to do this. But you just have to request Amazon to generate a file for your specified quantity of codes. Don’t worry though, if you create 50 codes but end up needing more, you can always request another file (so long as the Amazon promotion is still live).

For a more in-depth demonstration on how to create one-time use codes, please watch the video.

Why should I take the time to do this extra step?

Like I said up top, it’s extra security for your inventory. Only the specified amount of unique promotional codes can be used by shoppers to purchase your items. Imagine them like an alarm system on your house. You wouldn’t rely solely on the alarm for your safety, would you? You always have a backup plan, just in case anything happens. So why wouldn’t you have a backup plan for your inventory?

In Conclusion

Using these special codes can significantly help you achieve your selling goals without them going viral. A combination of organic and promotional sales can substantially increase your product ranking and reviews. If you’re looking for more resources on selling with Snagshout, just readPatrick’s posts or the other feature blog posts.

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  1. How do I use the single use Amazon coupon codes? i know ho to generate them but once i have them what do i do with them? Thanks

    1. Alan,

      You can still post deals to to gain exposure for your products through one-time use promo codes. Remember, you cannot ask for a product review. But many sellers are still discounting their products.

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