How to Use Remote Hiring to Maximize Holiday Sales on Amazon

The holiday season ranges from the very end of November to the very beginning of January, and for anyone familiar with the world of eCommerce, these are known to be some of the busiest months of the year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas dominate the minds and actions of many business owners hoping to end the year on a positive and productive note.

For anyone who owns an Amazon business, the holiday season brings unique challenges that can make or break your end of the year aspirations. Depending on how you operate your business and promote your brand, you could make up to 30% increased profits, and in some cases, double your yearly earnings. Of course, results like these don’t come easily. There’s plenty of hard work involved, and you’ll have to set up the foundation for your holiday season success.

So, how can Amazon store owners maximize their sales during the holidays?

Prepare for a heavy workload

Your success during the busy holiday season depends on your ability to handle the increased workload your business is bound to face. Whether it is run by a staff of physical workers, or run more like a drop shipping company, the increased workload in the latter months of the year can take a costly toll on your ability to make sure everything in your business is being managed effectively.

Let’s say you’re constantly struggling to grow your business and meet your financial deadlines for the holidays. Hiring a remote worker, even for the short term, can be an incredibly beneficial endeavor. Remote workers can take on the tasks needed for growth and proper scalability. They can provide immediate relief and quality service towards your business while operating from a home computer possibly hundreds of miles away.

If you have in-house workers that will be unavailable during the days leading up to several holidays, many of their tasks can still be accomplished by a remote worker. And even if you already have several remote workers, hiring a few more to take on extra tasks during the busy season can go a long way in setting yourself up for success.

10 positions that can help

Here is a list of ten positions within your Amazon store that can help create success during the hectic months of the holiday season:

Customer Service Rep

No business runs perfectly, and hiccups are bound to happen during the holiday season. Soothe any customer concerns with a customer service representative. A remote worker with high communication skills and a deep understanding of customer care would help alleviate some of the issues that may (and most likely will) occur.

SEO Content Writer

Want your Amazon store listings to be seen more easily? A writer with an expert understanding of SEO-content (Search Engine Optimization) can provide you with the proper method of writing needed to boost your store’s content and viewability. Perfect if you have a holiday favorite item for sale!

Virtual Assistant

If you’re struggling to keep up with the daily tasks necessary to run your business, then the holiday season can look like an approaching avalanche. Fortunately, you can hire a virtual assistant to help take a chunk of the workload off of your shoulders. Virtual assistants (VAs) are a group of highly skilled and diverse remote workers ready to take on some of your business’s daily tasks, leaving you free to take on more herculean tasks of preparing your business for the holidays. 

Order Fulfillment Specialist

If you don’t already have one of these highly skilled workers, then now’s a very good time to hire one. These highly sought after workers keep consistent records of every item being shipped or packed away, and manage the task of packing, shipping, receiving and recording every item that flows through your store. If you’re looking to become an Amazon store owner or venture into drop shipping, then this worker is a must!

Product listing / Sourcing

You can save precious hours from your daily routine by having a remote worker take on product listing and sourcing. Not only will you be freeing up your time, but an expert at listing and finding products to resell can gain you many hidden gems during the holiday sales.

Social Media Specialist

Spread the holiday cheer to your customers with a social media specialist. These remote workers work through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to provide constant updates, potential deals, and general well-wishes to your customers.

Inventory Manager

Keeping track of what you’re selling can be a hassle if you’re running a large enough store. Have a worker handle the task of keeping track of your inventory and production numbers, and you’ll have fewer slip-ups involving selling items you may not actually possess!

Account Management

Many remote workers have expert knowledge on the inner workings of an Amazon account and can work with Amazon to unfreeze locked accounts or help remove bad or negative reviews from products. Having one of these would help make your seasonal business go a lot smoother.

Marketing Consultant

Many business owners look for the best ways to reach potential customers and spread their brand far and wide. Due to the competitive nature of selling on Amazon, it can be hard to find a loyal customer base when ease of convenience is king. Hire a marketing consultant who can work with you to open new avenues of marketing, including opening blogs or Facebook posts about one or several items you are selling. Nothing beats an item with a good story behind it!

Product Researcher

Wonder what’s selling this Christmas? Or what sells the most on Black Friday? Find out what you can sell and how popular an item is with a worker set upon product research. Knowing what you can sell within your niche and if it’ll be worth the cost would be amazing to have before the holidays really hit you hard.

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