Centralized Ad Management for In-House Amazon Advertisers

Manage Single or Multiple Accounts and Brands with Ease

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Everything You Need to Gain the Amazon Advertising Advantage

Whether you manage a single brand or multiple brands, Ignite’s powerful analytics, easy-to-interpret visual reporting, and data-driven suggestions help you solve your most-urgent advertising challenges, including:

  • Lack of Time to Spend on Advertising
  • Limited Budgets
  • Lack of PPC Experience/Expertise
  • Inability to Find Profitable Keywords
  • Managing ACoS
  • Competitors Overtaking Top Placements
  • Merely Average Traffic and Sales

Create Powerful Ads

With full Amazon integration, you can import existing campaigns or setup new ones focused on saving time, and producing results.

Manage in Real Time

Bold visuals show performance clearly so you know what actions to take. Use Ad Scheduling so you never run out of budget again.

Optimize for Big Wins

Ignite provides you data-driven suggestions. These keywords and bids are what gets your product to the top and knocks out competitors.

Do You Manage a
Single Account or Brand?

Select your monthly ad spend*

Monthly Pricing

$59 / month

*Prices based on ad spend limit of selected plan.
Learn how Overage Fees apply if ad spend exceeds plan limits.

Do You Manage
Multiple Accounts, Brands or Users?

Contract Pricing

Starting at $999

Amazon Integration

Management for Up to 7 Amazon Marketplaces

Real-Time Amazon Advertising Integration

Sponsored Brands Ads (formerly HSAs) Monitoring

Product Display Ads Monitoring

Existing Campaigns Import

User Interface

Graphical Dashboard with Action Items

Filters, Sliders, and Sorting

Advanced Dashboard Insights

Discovery and Suggestions

Sortable User Search Term Report

Powerful ASIN Look-Up

Intelligent Suggestions for Keywords and Bids

Campaign Management

Auto-Target and Manual-Target Campaigns

Ad Scheduling (Dayparting)

One-Click Ad Group Creation

Drag-and-Drop Keyword Grouping

Negative Keyword Isolation

Old/Inactive Campaigns Archiving


Basic Notifications and Alerts

Advanced Notifications and Alerts

Monthly Budget Notifications

Data Management and Interaction

Downloadable Reports

Bulk Uploads via CSV Template

Batch Updates

Account Capabilities and Controls

Customized Pricing Based on Usage

Multi-Brand / Multi-Account Capability

Multi-User Capability

Unparalleled Scalability for Growth

Customer Service

Chat and Email Support

Phone Support

Onboarding Concierge

Dedicated Account Manager

Best for
Single Account or Brand Management

Best for
Multiple Account, Brand or User Management

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