Invest Your Time in Growing Your Amazon Business

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Unprofitable Amazon Ads

Amazon Advertising is challenging and constantly evolving. But when done correctly, it can deliver high impact-results. The problem is that you lack the time to manage all of those challenges and changes.

Seller Labs Managed Services has worked with hundreds of sellers to alleviate their Amazon advertising pain points, including:

  • Lack of Time to Spend on Advertising
  • Limited Budgets
  • Lack of PPC Experience/Expertise
  • Inability to Find Profitable Keywords
  • Rising ACoS
  • Competitors Overtaking Top Placements
  • Merely Average Traffic and Sales

With Seller Labs Managed Services on your side
and guiding your Amazon Advertising, you'll:

Reclaim Your Time

Optimize Ad Spend

Lower ACoS

Overtake Competitors

Drive Quality Traffic

Increase Sales and Revenue

Onboard easily with your Dedicated
Account Manager who'll take it from there and...

Dramatic Results in Just 4 Months: A Quick Case Study

A popular supplements brand was feeling the strain of being in such a crowded-and-competitive category. Its CEO knew the brand had to break out of the pack and distinguish itself, and that in order to do so, the brand needed to drastically increase sales volume and velocity. But how could they given that existing advertising efforts weren’t moving the needle and were actually costing them?

The Seller Labs Managed Services team designed and implemented a comprehensive road map that, in only 4 months, rocketed the company’s products to the top of the search results and took the client’s Amazon Advertising to a whole new brand-building, revenue-boosting level, all while actually lowering ACoS.

How’d the Managed Services experts do it?

  • Optimization and Reorganization of the client’s Amazon advertising campaigns and strategy
  • Overtaking Competitors selling similar products in respective Amazon categories
  • Influencing Brand Recognition while boosting sales and lowering ACoS
Percentage Change+70%-7%+73%-8.68%+78%+72%
4 Months before Seller Labs Managed Services36,700$2.020.22%40.53%7,370$183,235.09
4 Months after Seller Labs Managed Services62,482$1.870.38%37.01%13,110$314,247.55

“We’ve worked with a number of managed-ad service providers–from freelancers to large companies–and this is by far the most impressed we’ve been by how well a team can deliver on an agreed-upon goal.”

– D., Seller Labs Managed Services Client

Here's How Seller Labs Managed Services Does It

Keep the Winners, Drop the Losers

Through deep analysis, we quickly extract the keywords that lead to sales while removing the ones with high amounts of wasted ad spend.

Reorganize Campaigns for Ease of Management and Meeting Target ACoS

Because existing campaigns are often convoluted and hard to monitor, ACoS trends upward and the increase in ad spend is not justified by the amount of sales. We rebuild every campaign so that within a few weeks, clients began to see an increase in impressions and conversions along with a reduction in ACoS.

Optimize Ads, Increase Revenue

Identifying the winners opens the door to better targeting of profitable keywords in a client’s category, increasing organic ranking for many of the focus keywords.

Overtake Competitors & Build Brand Recognition

A top priority for clients and Seller Labs Managed Services is to drive targeted traffic and build brand recognition on Amazon. In achieving those, clients are able to overtake competitors and put their brands in the forefront.

Drive Sales and Branding with Targeted Sponsored Products Ads & Headline Search Ads

By implementing a combination of manual and auto-target campaigns, the brand started seeing a drastic increase in impressions and, more importantly, conversions. Along with Sponsored Products Ads wins, new Sponsored Brands Ads (Headline Search Ads) resulted in an immediate increase in overall placement on Amazon, impacting brand recognition.

Profitable Amazon advertising requires time, skill, and knowledge . . .
Seller Labs Managed Services provides all three.

edward ruffin ppc amazon advertising resonate

“My Managed Services team understands that running profitable ad campaigns in addition to building an Amazon business is hard. We are here to take some of the work off your plate so you can achieve your advertising goals and grow your Amazon business.”

– Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin – Account Services Director

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