Know where you stand with an all-encompassing Amazon dashboard.

FBA Integration

Connect your Amazon data easily. All you need is a professional selling plan and admin access to Seller Central.

Unlimited ASINs

Connect as many ASINs as you want at no extra charge. Listing updates will reflect automatically in Quantify.

Organizational Tags

Organize your SKUs/ASINs however you’d like with smart Tags. Update Tags one at a time or through the bulk upload tool. It’s up to you.

Easy Set Up

Get up and running within 24 hours. Just sync your data and history from Amazon then upload your product spreadsheet with Cost of Goods Sold, Lead Times, and Reorder Levels.

Profitability Analysis

Automatically calculate net and gross profit margins for each of your products. Just enter your cost of goods sold per SKU/ASIN and Quantify will do the rest.

Custom Reports

Track and monitor your products and sales with customizable reports using 20+ data points. Schedule reports to run when you need them most at any frequency.

SKU-Level Data

View all of your metrics at the SKU level to see a granular view of each products’ profits and losses.

Unlimited Data Downloads

Convert any custom or pre-built report in Quantify into a .xlsx spreadsheet that can be used in other applications.

Inventory Management

Avoid costly stock outs and storage fees with customizable inventory management metrics. Set metrics like sales velocity, stock quantity, reorder levels, lead times and Quantify will do the rest.

20+ Data Filters

Filter and sort your data however you want with more than 20 product attributes like “Net Profit” or “Sales Rate.” All of which can be done without updating a spreadsheet or writing a formula.

Pre-Built Reports

Find new opportunities to improve your sales with running promotions or advertising campaigns with pre-built reports.

Historic Charts

See product trends, seasonal sales and promotional success over time with visualized data over the past 2 years.

Amazon Merchants Love Seller Labs Pro

” I almost ran out of stock on my top-selling product before Thanksgiving last year, but Quantify told me I was running low before I hit my critical level.”

–Roy Z., Amazon Merchant

“Being able to see up-to-the-minute sales data on my products has been a game changer—especially during the holidays when sales rank can change so much.”

–Tim V.T., Channel Manager

” I love seeing how well my products are selling in a graph. I’m able to adjust what I want to see so I can get in and get out and get back to work.”

–Gary S., Amazon Merchant

Take control of your Amazon performance and profitability.