Amazon Keyword Research

A Silver Platter of Fruitful Strategies to Optimize Amazon Product Listing (served by an Amazon SEO expert Robyn Johnson)

Amazon is not the same as it used to be 5 years ago. Like a living organism, it has been constantly evolving since it first […]

AMZ Teardown: Product Listings that Beat the Competition

AMZ Teardown: Product Listings that Beat the Competition originally aired live on Wednesday, May 19. Information shared was up to date as of that date. […]

Why You Need Amazon Product Research

Amazon product research is the easiest way to find the right products to sell on Amazon. Whether you’re thinking about selling on Amazon FBA or […]

9 Places to Find High Value Amazon Keywords

Finding Amazon keywords successfully and advantageously means having a handle on the search terms that buyers use to find products. Where can you find and […]

3 Strategies for Evolving Your Amazon Keyword Research

You must keep searching, analyzing, and optimizing your keywords to stay competitive. But a common question from Seller Labs Pro users who use the Scope […]

Post Product Launch Metrics to Watch Using the Scope Amazon Keywords Tool

When you’re launching a new product, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of just getting it out the door and into the […]

Drive Traffic that Converts Using Estimated Sales for Organic Keywords on Amazon

As sellers strive to drive traffic that converts to Amazon product listings, they sometimes fail to consider that not everyone that lands on a listing […]

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Three Scope Keyword Research Strategies to Improve Your Amazon Advertising

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” This statement, credited to numerous people, including the late president Theodore Roosevelt, was uttered decades ago. And for the […]

Avoid The Avalanche: Finding Your Perfect Keywords

Much like your Amazon Advertising, you want to ensure that you’ve maximized your listing optimization for your magic keywords. In the spirit of Christmas and […]

4 Ways to Source Keywords That Take Amazon Sponsored Products Ads to the Top

Are your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads optimized? Are you using maximum-impact keywords? Are your campaigns driving not just shoppers but actual buyers to your listings? […]

New Information (and Helpful Reminders) About Negative Keywords

2017 was absolutely the year of Sponsored Products when it came to Amazon advertising. With 82% of Amazon’s ad revenue coming from SPAs, sellers simply […]


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