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Jun 14

Five Questions and Answers to Help Global Amazon Sellers Overcome Universal Obstacles

By Chris McCabe | Amazon

As Amazon regulations become increasingly plentiful and restrictive, many sellers have begun to feel that ever more of their business is at risk. It doesn’t take much to end up on the wrong side of a buyer-said/seller-said or seller-said/other-seller-said complaint and to then find your account restricted in some way by Amazon. Over time, international […]

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May 31

Why Are ASINs Displayed In Amazon Sponsored Products Search Terms Reports?

By Brandon Checketts | Amazon , Ignite , Sponsored Products

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Amazon Sponsored Products is, “Why are there ASINs in my Amazon Sponsored Products search terms reports?” This question arises whenever we explain how Automatic Targeted campaigns work and show excerpts from a search terms report. We’ve spent a good deal of time experimenting with Sponsored […]

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May 22

Reinstatement After an Amazon Account Suspension: Proving Your Manufacturer Is Legitimate

By guest | Amazon , E-commerce

Guest post by Travis J. Stockman of Amazon Sellers Lawyer Amazon Sellers are increasingly fighting counterfeit claims on a regular basis. This often is followed by account suspensions and the need to fight for account reinstatement. These account suspensions are typically the result of selling inauthentic or counterfeit items. However, most sellers are unaware the […]

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May 09

Getting Reviews Without Getting In Trouble

By guest | Amazon

Guest post by Karon Thackston of If you take a look at the recent history of Amazon product reviews, you might think the online retailer is targeting sellers in an attempt to prevent them from getting reviews. First incentivized reviews were banned, then accounts began to get revoked because of emails that were too aggressive, […]

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