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Apr 11

Questions and Answers About Amazon Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies and Best Practices

By Brandon Checketts | Amazon , Ignite

We’ve received many questions about Amazon Sponsored Products, Ignite, and how to run profitable advertising campaigns. We covered many Sponsored Products tactics in a recent webinar. But here’s a digest of our most asked questions concerning tactics, strategies and best practices with Amazon Sponsored Products and Ignite. Questions and Answers About Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies […]

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Mar 14

Understanding Keyword Match Types within Amazon Sponsored Products

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Ignite , Resources

Understanding keyword match types within Amazon Sponsored Products can be difficult. What exactly does Automatic, Broad, Phrase and Exact match type targeting mean? We’ve put together a quick guide to help Sponsored Products users understand what the different match types are and when they should be used. Watch the recording of our Facebook Live event […]

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