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May 31

Why Are ASINs Displayed In Amazon Sponsored Products Search Terms Reports?

By Brandon Checketts | Amazon , Ignite , Sponsored Products

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Amazon Sponsored Products is, “Why are there ASINs in my Amazon Sponsored Products search terms reports?” This question arises whenever we explain how Automatic Targeted campaigns work and show excerpts from a search terms report. We’ve spent a good deal of time experimenting with Sponsored […]

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Apr 11

Questions and Answers About Amazon Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies and Best Practices

By Brandon Checketts | Amazon , Ignite

We’ve received many questions about Amazon Sponsored Products, Ignite, and how to run profitable advertising campaigns. We covered many Sponsored Products tactics in a recent webinar. But here’s a digest of our most asked questions concerning tactics, strategies and best practices with Amazon Sponsored Products and Ignite. Questions and Answers About Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies […]

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Mar 14

Understanding Keyword Match Types within Amazon Sponsored Products

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Ignite , Resources

Understanding keyword match types within Amazon Sponsored Products can be difficult. What exactly does Automatic, Broad, Phrase and Exact match type targeting mean? We’ve put together a quick guide to help Sponsored Products users understand what the different match types are and when they should be used. Watch the recording of our Facebook Live event […]

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