PIVOT: Don’t Get “Stuck on the Stairs” in 2022

About the Webinar

We all know the scene from Friends. Ross has bought a new couch and he wants to avoid a delivery fee. He, Rachel, and Chandler work to get it up the stairs in Ross’ building, and they get stuck.

Watch the clip here for a good laugh.

Most entrepreneurs start out with a plan. Then, the plan changes, so they need to adjust. But without clear instructions or a clear path forward, they get stuck.

We’re here to help! We’re bringing together an expert panel of eCommerce front runners who have either run brands or assisted brands in the last year. They’ll be talking through what worked in 2021 and what you need to be on the lookout for in 2022. 

If you attend any ONE webinar in 2021, this should be it. Just check out our expert panel below!

Featured Presenters

Jeff Cohen
Carlos Alvarez
Kathy Terrill
Sharon Even
Yoni Mazor

Register for the Webinar

Wednesday, December 8 @ 2 PM EST/11 AM PST
Even if you can’t make it, sign up anyway! We’ll send you the recording.