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Feedback Genius
Feedback Genius for Amazon Sellers

Automate your customer service with the premier Amazon email automation tool. Get ASIN, SKU, delivery filters and more. Not to mention negative and positive feedback notifications.

Amazon Sponsored Products Tool: Ignite

Amazon Sponsored Products simplified with intelligent suggestions and actionable data to immediately find opportunities to reduce wasteful spending.


Conduct detailed keyword research right on Amazon to optimize your detail pages with high-traffic keywords. Save money and run targeted Amazon Sponsored Products PPC campaigns with profitable keywords.


Manage your inventory and track ROI, from a thousand-foot view, down to a per-SKU basis. 

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We have a growing team of developers who engineer stable and responsive programs. Building quick and reliable software is what keeps us up at night--literally.



We’re online selling aficionados who love learning and sharing what we know. Through experiments and research we're jumping e-commerce's biggest hurdles.

Customer Success

customer success

Delighting customers is the support team’s central priority. They are Amazon experts who work to make your business successful with our applications.

Get Amazon Search Secrets!

Not only is Amazon the number one place to sell online in the US, it’s also the go-to product research tool for most shoppers. Amazon’s reach is larger than just online sales. According to Forrester Research, for every $1 purchased online, $6 are researched online and purchased offline.

Amazon Search Secrets
  • Learn why Amazon needs to be a vital part of every e-commerce strategy
  • Shoppers are searching for products online-not browsing-get noticed with these search secrets
  • Understand how your sales overtime weigh into your products' search relevancy
  • See how Amazon is used as a search engine and not just a retail site
  • Get more traction keywords with our helpful tips
  • Reviews are vital in driving sales and ranking in search-learn how to get better feedback

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Kevin Vegors Amazon Merchant

“I look at other systems as a big shotgun and Feedback Genius is more sniper-like.”

When Kevin was researching message automation services, he discovered there was no other system besides Feedback Genius that had triggers allowing him to send emails on second, third, fourth and fifth orders.

I have zero regrets; it’s hands down the best money I’ve ever spent when it comes to selling on Amazon.

For Eric, Feedback Genius was a “no brainer purchase.” For just 20 dollars a month he gets all of his buyer communications automated with personable messages to customize each customer’s purchasing experience.

Eric Richards Amazon Merchant