Our Story

What started out as a weekend project to solve his Amazon seller feedback problems for his used book business, Brandon Checketts created Feedback Genius in 2013. The program worked at automating his Buyer-Seller messaging, which proved to be extremely effective. Using himself as a successful case study, he was able to get other sellers to use the program. The result: their seller feedback improved almost immediately. This made Brandon shift his focus from selling on Amazon to developing software for sellers like himself.

Fast forward to today, Feedback Genius is the most used automated Buyer-Seller Messaging program by Amazon sellers.

Seller Labs has expanded its product offerings to solve other problems for sellers. We offer tools for Amazon keyword research, Sponsored Products advertising, managed services, product discovery and inventory management.

We help sellers gain the Amazon Advertising Advantage. Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. We speak at dozens of conferences and trade shows every year. And we were named the most innovative startup in the Atlanta area in 2015 and earned the 148th spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in 2018.

Executive Team

Hank Harris

Jeff Cohen
VP of Marketing

Katie Reilly
VP of Product

Mike Hogan
VP of Services

Marilyn Cole
Director of Engineering

Max Vydrin
VP of Engineering

Customer Success Team

Alex Hux
Product Support Analyst

Susana Lowrence
Customer Success Agent

Austin Pinto
Customer Success Agent

Brad McKee
Customer Success Agent

D’Anna Kester
Customer Success Agent

We are available 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. ET, Monday – Friday