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It takes a lot to run your business, so ensure you are spending your time where it matters most. The Start Your Day Dashboard shows key data, alerts, metrics and more, all at a glance, allowing you to focus on the right parts of your business.

  • Monitor goal progress
  • View recent sales numbers
  • See critical alerts and suggestions
  • Monitor daily ad performance

Thousands of Amazon sellers trust Seller Labs PRO.

Make the right decisions, every morning.

Check your progress.

Make sure you’re heading in the right direction. See how you’re progressing in reaching your goals and monitor your ad spend.

See revenue at a glance.

View your sales in the last day, week, and month, without having to click through to another report.

Take action on important tasks.

Don’t stress about missing important updates. See your newest notifications so you can take action quickly.

Keep tabs on customer satisfaction.

View the latest reviews right from the dashboard so you can help customers when you need to.

Track your ad spending and performance.

To get the most bang for your buck, keep track of your daily ACoS and access suggestions to improve performance.

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