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Get intelligent keyword and bid suggestions that increase profit and lower ACoS percentages.

Stop second guessing with your Amazon Sponsored Products advertising.
Run ad campaigns that drive sales and get smarter over time.

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Centralized Amazon PPC ad management for higher sales and lower spend.

900 X 530 Ignite Sponsored Product Ads

Clever PPC Ads

Save time by automating your Sponsored Products ads
Ignite offers decisions based on historical data so you can spend less time managing campaigns and more time optimizing them for profit.

900 X 530 Ignite Low Acos Percentage

Lower ACoS Percentages

Stay below your target ACoS percentage
Spend less money on ads and grow sales using targeted keywords, which result in lower ACoS percentages and higher conversions.

900 X 530 Ignite Historical Data

A Holistic View of Your Campaigns

Know your winners and losers
Make educated advertising decisions by recognizing your winning and losing campaigns at a glance. Ignite collects more than 60 days’ worth of data providing you with a holistic view of your campaigns.

900 X 530 Ignite Centralized Data

Centralized Campaign Management

Eight marketplaces, one location
Manage all of your Sponsored Products campaigns in one spot—regardless of the marketplace. Simplify your campaign management whether you’re an individual seller or an agency.

Sophisticate your Amazon Sponsored Products ads

Full Amazon Integration

Ignite integrates with the Amazon MWS and Sponsored Products APIs, giving you the power to make data-driven decisions in one location.

Campaign Management

Easily move keywords between campaigns or ad groups, adjust bids and optimize for the best ad spend.

Intelligent Suggestions

Ignite’s Suggestion Algorithm surfaces important decisions so you don’t need to wade through data to find them.

Ad Scheduling (Dayparting)

Schedule when your campaigns run. This is helpful for those with limited budgets or those with empirical proof that their campaigns run better at certain times of the day.

Campaign History

Measure impressions, clicks, conversions, and more in a historic chart covering the lifespan of a campaign.

Advanced Campaign Details

Historical data, statistics, and charts on a campaign, ad groups, product, keyword, and search term level.

Unlimited Data Downloads

Configure your data any way you like it. Download it anytime.

Advertised Sales Analysis

Compare your advertised sales versus your organic sales to understand your true sales velocity.

Automated Data import

Keep track of your Search Terms reports and advertising data from Amazon with automatic data importing.

Keyword Suggestions

Get powerful keyword suggestions with a proprietary score based on search volume to enhance your advertising reach.

Grab Competitor Keywords

Enter a competitor’s ASIN to view a list of keywords they’re ranking for to add to your manual campaigns.

Smart Filters

Save time by filtering your search terms and keywords based on performance, profitability and bid amount.

Historic Charts

Monitor your campaigns, keywords, search terms, and ad groups’ performance over time on easy-to-read graphs.

Ignite Experiments

Ignite groups related campaigns together to give you a fully optimized keyword report for your products.

Learn how to start running better Sponsored Products campaigns.

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Manage new and existing PPC campaigns in one easy-to-use interface

Create and run multiple campaigns with Ignite’s recommended organizational schemes for quicker and simpler management.

Screenshot of Ignite PPC Campaign Manager

Your ad campaigns get smarter over time

Accept, delay or reject campaign optimization suggestions with one click. Ignite uses historical data to save you time and run leaner campaigns with one goal—improve sales.

Screenshot of Ad Suggestions from Ignite

Thousands of keywords ready to work for you

Expand your advertising reach with Ignite’s keyword suggestions. See the search position for a given keyword then create an ad for it in an instant.

Screenshot Showing Amazon Keyword Suggestions

Track a campaign's success over time

Know how successful a campaign has been in a glance. Graphic visuals tell the story of a campaign—see trends, spending, sales and more.

Screenshot Highlighting Ignite Campaign Graphs

Amazon Merchants Love Ignite

Wow! Ignite has greatly simplified my process for managing Sponsored Product campaigns. Instead of dealing with Seller Central, downloading reports and copy/pasting things around, I can do it all in one streamlined tool” 

Bill H.

My process has gone from spending 4 hours per week to literally minutes. Plus I now have greater confidence to know what keywords are working and how to kill off the keywords that are just wasteful very quickly.

Clark K.

Prior to using Ignite, I was very hesitant to spend money on Sponsored Products. Now I’m confident in my ability to manage my campaigns and keep them operating profitably with minimal effort.

Tony S.

Pricing & Plans

All features are included in each plan.

Pricing is based on the number of Ignite Managed Campaigns, which is defined as a grouping of automatic-targeted and manual-targeted campaigns for a product (or group of products) for which Ignite offers keyword suggestions and automatic bid adjustments.


  • 5 Ignite Managed Campaigns
  • Unlimited Auto & Manual Targeted Campaigns
  • All Other Features


  • 10 Ignite Managed Campaigns
  • Unlimited Auto & Manual Targeted Campaigns
  • All Other Features


  • 25 Ignite Managed Campaigns
  • Unlimited Auto & Manual Targeted Campaigns
  • All Other Features


  • 50 Ignite Managed Campaigns
  • Unlimited Auto & Manual Targeted Campaigns
  • All Other Features

High Volume

  • 100 Ignite Managed Campaigns
  • Unlimited Auto & Manual Targeted Campaigns
  • All Other Features

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