Get More Commerce Out of Your E-Commerce

Become a Seller Labs affiliate and earn 10% recurring commission per sale*

Our software is recognized throughout the industry for being secure, stable and effective. As an affiliate, you’ll be able to earn money based off of the reputation of programs like Feedback Genius, Ignite, Scope and Quantify. We provide all of our affiliates with a monthly product update and resources about how to use new features so you can tell your community about it.

*Earn 10% of each referred customer’s payment for the first 12-months of the customer’s life.

What makes a good affiliate?

E-commerce Influencers

Do you blog, use social media, YouTube or podcast about e-commerce? If so, then you’ll want to sign up and privy your audience to our Amazon seller tools.

Amazon Consultants

Perfect for those who are looking for solutions and solving problems for more than one seller. Earn extra revenue by recommending our solutions to your clients.

Benefits of Being a Seller Labs Affiliate


Per Product Commission

We offer multiple tools for every level of seller. What does this mean for you? Tons of opportunities to earn affiliate commissions.


Trusted Brand

Seller Labs is a reputable and established brand in the industry. Sellers are familiar with what we offer and the value it provides to their businesses.


Marketing Materials

We offer an abundance of resources to help you tell our story and why you recommend us. Give your clients something new and unique.


Easy Analytics

Measure, track and project your commissions so you always know where you are, where you want to be, and where opportunity lies.

Our Products

Products Ads

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Reviews &

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Inventory &

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What is Seller Labs?

Seller Labs creates cloud-based software applications to help sellers grow and establish their businesses on Amazon. The company just released two new applications: Scope and Quantify. The former helps sellers research products, keywords and sales rank; the latter gives sellers a top-level view of their profits, inventory, analytics and opportunities.

Can I just promote one of your products?

Yes, you can promote one or all of our products, it’s completely up to you.

Who is eligible for Seller Labs Affiliate program?

Anyone who works with e-commerce groups. If you’re a consultant, podcaster, blogger, or group leader for merchants who sell on Amazon you’d be a perfect fit.

How do commissions work?

You’ll get paid 10% of the customer’s payment to us for the first 12-months. At the end of each month we’ll pay you. If they upgrade, so does your payment!

How does Seller Labs' affiliate program work?

After you sign-up to be an affiliate we’ll provide you with unique links to send traffic through. From there, we’ll credit you with any sales that happen because of your reference.

How can we further work together?

Contact our Affiliates & Partnerships team to learn how we can do even more together.

Become a Seller Labs Affiliate and Earn 10% recurring commission per sale*