Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Does Seller Labs support KDP seller accounts?

  • No, we do not

Can I integrate your software with other tools I use?

  • No, we do not support any integrations.

Is my data safe?

  • Yes! Seller Labs software does not use your data anywhere outside our software!

Are there tutorials or training materials to help me navigate the platform?

How often is the software updated, and will I be informed about new features?

I signed up, but why is my data not showing up?

  • It will generally take 24 – 48 hours for your data to sync with Seller Labs; if you’ve connected your marketplace longer than 48 hours and no data is displaying please reach out to our customer success team so we can have this issue resolved.

Can I connect multiple marketplaces?

  • Yes! You can manage multiple marketplaces with your PRO or Data Hub account.

What are the pricing plans available?

Breaking Breaking

Effective Jan 17, Amazon announced their first FEE increases for 2023 and it is basically everything. Full details here. All exact % changes are noted as well.

In-depth video and blog post to follow. Subscribe to fee change updates here.


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