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900 X 530 FeedbackGenius BuyerSellerMessaging

Automate Buyer-Seller Messaging

Grow feedback and reviews with automated and targeted emails
Take back your time and automate your Amazon Buyer-Seller messages. Feedback Genius is easy to use. In fact, most sellers are sending messages within an hour of signing up.

900 X 530 FeedbackGenius Reach Buyers Right Time

Enhance the Buying Experience

Reach buyers at the perfect moment
Increase the likelihood of getting feedback or a review by sending relevant messages to buyers at the right time. Feedback Genius sends emails based on tracking information from UPS, FedEx, USPS and more.

900 X 530 FeedbackGenius CollectNewReviews

Grow Your Product Reviews

Don’t leave product reviews on the table
Increase the probability of getting a product review by messaging buyers who have left you positive seller feedback. Feedback Genius will automatically send an email when this trigger is setup.

900 X 530 FeedbackGenius Monitor Product Reviews

Keep Buyers Happy

Know what buyers are saying about your products
Resolve a negative experience by responding to unsatisfied buyers. Feedback Genius will notify you whenever a negative or neutral product review has been left so you can help to satisfy the buyer.

Automation saves you time—that's genius!

Automated Messages

Engage customers with automated emails to share product information or solicit product reviews and feedback.

8 Amazon Marketplaces

Available for Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Your first marketplace is free, each additional market is $10/month.

Proven Templates

Each account comes ready out of the box with a variety of templates, each with a specific goal. Did we mention the templates are customizable?

8 Order Events

Assist buyers every step of the way—from order confirmation to refund notification—Feedback Genius has your messaging needs covered.

Actionable Message Analytics

View open, click through, feedback and unsubscribe rates for each message you send. Use this information to iterate and optimize your emails.

Blacklist Buyers

Never email an opted-out buyer again. Feedback Genius’s global blacklist collections information from thousands of buyers to save you messages and wasted time.

Attachments & Images

Improve the buying experience by adding a PDF with product instructions or photos of your product within the email body.

A/B Testing

Improve your messages by sending two slightly different versions of an email to see which one performs better.

Feedback Monitoring

Help buyers who have had a less-than-positive buying experience. Get notified whenever negative feedback is left.

Review & Feedback Summaries

Monitor your feedback and review rates to make sure your messages are successfully getting reviews.

10+ Message Delivery Filters

Send the right message at the right time to the right buyer with granular messaging filters.

Review Monitoring

Be aware of what buyers are saying about your products with notifications whenever your products get reviewed (paid add-on)(Product Review Monitoring is only supported in the US Marketplace).

Create an exceptional buying experience.

Product Tour

Send messages based on real-time order events—not estimates

Real Time Order Events

Increase feedback and reviews by improving your messages

Usable Analytics

Assist unhappy buyers to improve their purchasing experience


Help buyers and get notified whenever you receive a negative seller feedback or product review


Amazon Merchants Love Feedback Genius

I have zero regrets. It’s hands down the best money I’ve ever spent when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Eric R.  

I don’t want to send the same email to every customer–Feedback Genius allows me to identify the product and send a specific email.

Kevin V.

Feedback Genius has been amazing for me! I went from 184 feedbacks on Amazon and within four months I have more than 600.

Chris C.

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High Volume

  • 60,000 Emails
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