How to Stay Compliant with Buyer-Seller Messaging

On September 8, 2020, Amazon posted an announcement in Seller Central that they would be making changes to the Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines, effective November 3, 2020. Failure to become or remain compliant with these new guidelines could result in a 30-day or lifetime restriction of your ability to send Buyer-Seller Messages.

For more information on these changes, be sure to check out Amazon Communications Policy Changes & Buyer-Seller Messaging Updates [September 2020].

In this webinar (originally aired October 22, 2020), we join Jeff Cohen and Jennifer Dare as they reiterate the impending changes to communication policies and talk through the updates Seller Labs has made within the Communication Center to ensure our approved third-party service remains compliant for your business.

What is Seller Labs doing?

Since the announcement on September 8, Seller Labs has been making big strides to ensure that our Communication Center, its templates, and message creation are all compliant with the new guidelines.

Necessary Updates

There were two updates that all third-party service providers needed to make:

  1. Include Order ID in all messages. We are programmatically making this change to automatically include the Order ID at the top of any message sent to your buyers. If you currently include the Order ID within the body of your message, you may want to consider removing it.
  2. Send messages in the customer’s preferred language. Seller Labs Pro has the ability to detect a customer’s preferred language setting within their Amazon account. We are also able to determine the language in your Communication Center templates. If the languages match, we will send your custom template. Should they not match, our system will instead send the Request a Review template, as that is Amazon-created and will translate automatically. Note: We will not translate your messages.

Bonus Updates and Screening

Seller Labs is also taking additional efforts to help you create new messages that are still compliant. We have removed certain functionality from the message process, but you are still able to create custom messages with your own message, or edit one of our existing templates.

Our system will automatically detect the following:

  • Product Images
  • Emojis
  • Messages without an Order ID
  • Non secure URLs
  • Email addresses in body
  • Phone numbers in body 
  • Images that are not secure 
  • GIFs
  • Use of the word “coupon” or “promotion” 
  • Send dates greater than 30 days from order completion/delivery

An Important Note

While we have taken measures to help you remain compliant in your Buyer-Seller Messages, there are certain things for which we cannot screen, such as:

  • Intent of a message
  • Grammar or spelling errors 
  • Logos with URLs 
  • Content and style of attachments

In a nutshell, while we will keep Seller Labs Pro compliant and do our best to keep your messages compliant, you are still in control of and responsible for the content of your messages.

Interested in making Seller Labs Pro part of your Amazon process? Get started today with a free 30-day trial and communicate with your shoppers automatically in a way that will be compliant AND help you reach your goals.

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