The smartest Amazon keyword tool to help you dominate search results.

Be confident in your paid and organic ranking on Amazon by uncovering new keywords to explore, new products to offer, and new revenue to meet your business goals from the most comprehensive keyword database on the internet.

Master the search game with agile keyword recommendations.

Engineered to hack the keyword algorithm and deliver the best recommendations for driving sales, Seller Lab PRO’s Keyword Performance Center is the best Amazon keyword tool for sellers to supercharge their business with real data and sell more.


Track Your Competition

Have an excellent product but don’t know how to position it? Keep tabs on your competitors with reverse ASIN lookup that lets you see where they’re ranking, and what keywords are valuable. Use the Chrome extension to track their trending keywords and build better listings for yourself.

Develop Your Keyword Strategy

Expand your related keyword lists, track top performers, and see the keywords with the highest ranking based on search volume, estimated sales, and CPC. Then update your keyword strategy in real-time to capture the most sales possible. The best part? You can track as many keywords and products as you want.

Know and Grow Your Profit Margins

Get insights at a product level, including the sales your competition is making on a unique product, the estimated ROI with the profit and Amazon FBA fee calculator, and the potential sales a product keyword is driving with our AI-powered recommendations.

Optimize Your Product Performance

Know at a glance which of your products are most profitable with our product research filters. You can also track historical changes in product price, sales, reviews, and Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on Amazon, and discover the most profitable positioning for new Amazon categories.

Global Sales Success at Your Fingertips

With Seller Labs PRO, manage and monitor your sales, reviews, and profitability all in once place! Create international advertising campaigns and communicate with your buyers in their native language. All international marketplaces are included in your Seller Labs PRO subscription! (That’s right, no additional fees for adding marketplaces!)

My intuition and my instincts about what will sell a product are usually right… when I’m right [Seller Labs PRO] reinforces that and strengthens that intuition.

– Sheila L.

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