Amazon Keyword & Product Research Tool

Advanced Amazon Keyword Research and Product Discovery

Scope shows you the keywords that drive sales on Amazon. Discover new keywords from top-selling products to improve your Amazon SEO and PPC strategy.

Scope is also brilliant at finding profitable products to sell. All you have to do is look.

  • Keyword Search Position
  • Detail Page Keywords
  • Back End Keywords
  • Reduce Automatic PPC Spend
  • Keyword Ranking Score
  • Reliable Profit Estimates
  • FBA & Amazon Commission Fees
  • Historical Keyword & Sales Data
  • Product Review History
  • Historic Pricing Data

Scope Features

Intelligent Chrome Extension

Reverse view any ASIN right on Amazon and see keyword and sales data that contributes to its ranking.

Discover Top Keywords

Keyword score ranking shows the top-performing phrases for which you and your competitors rank.

Scope Web Application

Track and compare the keywords and products you discover from Amazon within the Scope web appliaction.

Search. Filter. Track. Sell.

  • Track
  • SELL

Filter through 26 Amazon categories to find unique, niche products to sell.

Drill down through Amazon’s top 26 categories to find a niche product to sell. Use categories, reviews, price, star rating and sales rank to narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

What Can Scope Do for Your Amazon Business?

Find Popular Keywords

Discover popular keywords and improve your Amazon SEO through detail page and Sponsored Products PPC ad optimization.

Save Money on PPC Ads

Forget running automatic Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns to discover high-volume keywords. Scope shows you the best keywords so you can confidently run PPC ads for top-performing phrases.

Find a Niche on Amazon

Find a niche product worth selling using Scope’s filters. Expand your product offering into less-competitive categories.

Mitigate Risk

Understand what the Amazon commission and FBA fees are for any given product. View estimated sales velocity, monthly revenue, and profit before you decide to sell.

Pricing Plans

All Plans Billed Annually

Chrome Extension


Access the Scope Google Chrome Extension for as long as you want at no cost.




Unlimited access to keyword database.

Track up to 100 keywords and products.




Unlimited access to keyword database.

Track up to 400 keywords and products.

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