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Improve Your Paid and Organic Search Rankings

More traffic means more sales
Find high-traffic keywords to improve your Amazon search position. Scope shows you the highest ranking keywords for a product.

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Uncover Hidden Gems

Do a reverse ASIN lookup and see what’s driving your competitor’s sales
Export a product’s keyword search volume, average CPC bid, estimated sales per keyword and more to supercharge your listings and sell more.

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Identify a New Product

Understand your potential profits for a new product
Get price, fee and sales estimates for any product on Use categories, reviews, price, star rating, the number of sellers and sales rank to narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

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Research with Confidence

Track the search rank performance of any keyword or product
Use Scope to save keywords and products to a custom list for tracking. Export your findings to a .CSV file for further analysis.

Boost your Amazon SEO with the most comprehensive keyword database.

Pricing & Plans

Every new Scope sign up comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Scope is currently only available for the US Marketplace.


$32.50/month, paid annually ($390)
  • Track up to 100 keywords and products.


$57.50/month paid annually ($690)
  • Track up to 400 keywords and products.

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Product Tracker

Track historical changes in price, sales, reviews and the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for any product on Amazon.

Keyword Position Tracker

Track a keyword’s ranking position to see how well it does in search over time.

Keyword Ranking Lists

See the keywords that are driving the sales for a given product as well as its estimated sales, search volume and CPC bid.

Unlimited Searches

Search for keywords and products to your heart’s content. Scope will never limit the number of product or keyword searches you can do.

Sales & Revenue Estimates

Know how many sales your competition is making and see revenue estimates for any product.

Estimated Sales per Keyword

See the estimated sales a keyword is driving for a given product.

Keyword Generator

Generate a comprehensive list of related keywords complete with search volumes and CPC bid ranges to fuel your PPC ads and optimize your listings.

Organize with Watch Lists

Stay organized with unique keyword and product watch lists.

Profit Calculator

Understand your potential ROI on a product with the profit and Amazon FBA fee calculator.

Search Result Page Overview

Know the market opportunity of an Amazon search results page with revenue and sales average.

Improve Amazon Search Results

Research product opportunities by downloading Amazon search results pages in a digestible product table.

Product Research Filters

Quickly filter out winner and losers to find profitable products in new Amazon categories.

Amazon Merchants Love Scope

 If it wasn’t for Scope, I really highly doubt I would have had the success I’m seeing with my first product ever!  

Sheila L.

I was able to add search terms to my backend with every top performing keyword from all of my competitor’s listings combined.

Darren P.

I was able to finally launch Amazon PPC once I had 15 reviews, bypass the whole automatic targeting hassle of finding converting keywords, and see an overall ACoS of 20-30% in the first week!

Zachary B.