Georgia Tech Global Learning Center | September 15-16, 2020

Resonate 2020 is September 15-16, 2020, at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Atlanta, GA!

We're pleased to be bringing a variety of speakers to Atlanta to help you build your business and network with other advanced sellers. Join us in Atlanta for an event that will change how you do business. Grab your seat before we sell out!

Who should attend?

Resonate was designed to be the premier conference for advanced Amazon sellers looking to take the next step in their business. Focused content starting where most other conferences end, come prepared with the basics and expect to learn strategies to assist toward exponential growth.

High Value Networking

With everyone in the room being an Amazon seller that is over $1M in sales, the level of conversation at Resonate allows you to explore where your business could go and what new goals you can set.

Exceptional Content

Every session is jam-packed with content that will have you taking notes, emailing your staff and rethinking about the way you do business. We challenge our speakers to bring their A-game.

Amazing Amenities

At Resonate everyone’s a VIP. From the opening cocktail party to the amazing lunches and snacks to the indulgent dinner, this show will make you feel like a VIP as we take care of every little detail.

What Makes Resonate Different?

The content at Resonate is created using the design thinking process. To take your business to the next level you need to work effectively and efficiently. Sellers looking to grow must understand what mindset they should be in at each stage, what skills they need to move from phase to phase and what tools they need to develop or supplement their skills. Our curriculum follows this process.

Tool Set

The mechanism you use to develop your skills and achieve your objectives.


How you act and behave based on your capabilities, knowledge and understanding.


How you see, perceive and view the world around you. How you interpret and respond to situations.

A Level of Content That Starts Where Other Shows End

We challenge our speakers to bring their A-Game. Our attendees are expecting to learn in ways they don’t at other shows. Most conferences need to direct their content to sellers at different parts of the learning cycle. At Resonate, we focus on those who already knows the basics and are looking for the next steps. If you don’t know the basics, we expect this conference will be over your head as we ask our speakers to assume you know the 101 and bring the upper-level information.

What Topics Have We Covered At Past Events?

8-Figure Business on Amazon: Vermont Teddy Bear’s Story | Scaling to an 8-Figure Business: The Story Behind Smart Marketer’s Success | Beyond the Bullets: Optimizing Your Listing to Increase Conversions | Developing Advertising Strategies That Work | Who Are Your Buyers? Branding & Personas | The Profits in Logistics | Managing Cash Flow and Selling Your Business | Managing, Vetting, and Firing Consultants and Agencies

2019 Speakers

*Indicates Women's Mastermind Presenter.
Keep checking back as we update for our 2020 speakers!

Robyn Johnson*

Robyn has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Robyn’s firm, Best From The Nest, works with resellers, private label sellers, brand owners, manufacturers, and authors to help them profitably scale or control their presence on Amazon.

Robyn also owns and runs an Amazon-specific marketing agency helping brands market and control their presence on Amazon.

Robyn has authored several courses on how to sell online that have been taken by tens of thousands of people all over the world and is also a best-selling author and international speaker.

Aaron Conant

Aaron Conant is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of eCom Advisory, which provides free consulting services and hosts a variety of educational / networking sessions to help businesses better understand the eCommerce & digital ecosystem. Having connected 1×1 with over 2,500 brands, he and his team have a real time pulse on the most recent trends, effective strategies and best-in-class partners that industry leaders are leveraging to win across the ever changing digital space.

colleen taylor resonate smart marketer

Colleen Taylor*

Colleen is the Chief Operating Officer of Smart Marketer, which provides premium trainings and a high-level mastermind for business owners looking to run and scale profitable ecommerce brands.

An expert Project Manager, Colleen implemented the systems necessary to TRIPLE Smart Marketer’s productivity in just 12 months, while steadfastly supporting work-life balance for the entire team.

Founded by Ezra Firestone, Smart Marketer believes that you can serve the world unselfishly AND profit.

Peter Kearns

Peter Kearns is a long-time friend of Seller Labs. He’s currently the Vice President of Client Solutions for 180Commerce, a brand consulting and management company. A former Amazonian, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge from helping businesses launch on the platform, as well as marketing and retail sales through his history with companies like J. Crew and Coach.

Liz LaVallee*

Liz manages the Amazon sales channel for The Vermont Teddy Bear Company and its sister companies: PajamaGram, PajamaJeans, and Addison Meadow.  Over her tenure she has moved through roles that have included managing all aspects of digital advertising, email marketing, and marketplace sales for VTBC’s family of brands.  In her current role, Liz is responsible for project managing the growth of their Amazon business, which has grown to almost 50% of the company’s total revenue.

Vermont Teddy Bear Co. is an Internet Retailer Top 500 Company and an 8-figure Amazon Seller.

eddie levine resonate

Eddie Levine

Eddie Levine is the President and co-founder of Hub Dub, Ltd, an eCommerce sales industry leader.  Officially established in 2012 and together with his business partner Greg, Hub Dub’s vision for success revolves around their multi-channel worldwide presence, as well as the full-service brand management partnerships they develop with their clients.  Hub Dub differentiates themselves from most of their competitors by purchasing and warehousing their client’s products under their own roof, allowing their partners to see ROI from day one.

Eddie Levine carries over 15 years of combined eCommerce and logistics experience, having worked for several Fortune 500 corporations.  He attended the University of Kansas and currently resides in the northern Chicago suburbs. Eddie is a widely recognized expert in the industry, presenting at dozens of conferences worldwide.  Eddie is a year-round volunteer entrepreneurship instructor and mentor at 4 local high schools, and judges regional and national competitions for DECA, the nationwide youth business program.

Bret Darby - Seller Labs

Bret Darby

Bret is an Account Director at Seller Labs, focusing on results driven PPC management.

He has worked in Operations & Marketing for a multimillion-dollar Amazon Third Party Seller, helping grow revenue by 10X in five years to over $42 million in 2018. Prior to joining Seller Labs, Bret also worked with Brands who were both Sellers (3P) and Vendors (1P) to achieve advertising efficiency while growing top-line revenue. He has managed millions in advertising expenditure through Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Display Advertising.

edward ruffin ppc amazon advertising resonate

Edward Ruffin

A self-described “advertising nerd,” Edward Ruffin is an industry favorite for a reason; he delivers impressive results for clients and he’s the first to jump in and assist customers. When he’s not designing strategies for advertising success, “PPC Ed” as he’s affectionately known, is presenting at conferences and helping Amazon sellers sell more and build their brands through expert advertising guidance.

bryant garvin resonate 2019 advertising

Bryant Garvin

Bryant has over 13 years of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce experience, and his keen insight on harnessing the power of paid advertising have seen him tagged #PPCDictator amongst the PPC chat community, and curiously #HoneyBadgerOfTheInterwebz, along with #PegasusWhisperer.

Most recently Bryant was dubbed the #ThePurpleWizard as he started and lead the advertising team at Purple that has helped garner over a Billion Video views in 2.5 years and many good nights of sleep provided to the masses.

He has worked in-house for Fortune 500 companies like Choice Hotels, as well as up and coming media companies like Purch. He also enjoys consulting for advertisers, including GreenDot, KuruFootwear, Rhone, Groove Rings, and more, where Bryant quietly insists on doing his own stunts.

Bryant is like the Bob Ross of advertising and conversion rate optimization. “Without the right messaging and design when a user gets to a landing page, you are essentially throwing money down the drain” he says. Just happy little conversions everywhere.

All of these things has caused several people to wonder quietly to themselves, “is Bryant Garvin actually Dr. Emmett Brown?”