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Every week we round up the most-important, most-interesting, most-relevant, and sometimes most-bizarre news for and about Amazon sellers. Check in each Friday afternoon to catch up on what’s making news this week. Amazon policy changes, FBA, logistics, fees, expansions, counterfeits, advertising and PPC, black-hat tactics, law and government involvement, warehouses and workers, privacy and data usage, intellectual property, seller liability, Prime Day, Q4 prep . . . if it’s news that affects Amazon sellers, you’ll find it here.

This Week’s Big Story

2020 Extended Holiday Returns Policy

From Amazon: “In anticipation of customers shopping early for the holidays, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy. The Amazon Extended Holiday Return Policy for 2020 requires that most orders delivered between October 1 and December 31 be returnable through January 31, 2021. This policy includes orders that are shipped by you and orders that are shipped by Amazon. Although the return window for most orders is extended, it can vary by category. You can see the return deadline in each category on our Returns Help page.You can learn how to update the Returns & Refunds section of your seller detail page to advise customers of the extended holiday return policy here. To learn more about our return policy, visit Amazon’s Return and Refunds policy page.”

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