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Seller Labs Data Hub: Enhanced Amazon Seller Reports For Informed Decision-Making

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina Author

As an online retailer, you are looking for a shortcut to success on a daily basis. Therefore, data-driven decision-making is crucial for Amazon sellers at each level of their eCommerce game.

Whether you choose the best time for your advertising campaigns, nail best-selling products across your sales channels, determine your advertising budget, or develop your brand-building strategy, you need a reliable source of information.

At Seller Labs, we’ve seen firsthand how manual data collection and analysis can be overwhelming. That’s why we rolled out our Seller Labs Data Hub, aka Seller Labs Google Sheets extension, designed to do the heavy lifting of data quality management and back your business decisions.

This article expands on Amazon data management, stresses its importance for your Amazon business, and highlights the main benefits that online sellers enjoy with the Seller Labs Data Hub in their corner.  

Why Is Streamlined Data Management Important?

Since no one can hit their target with their eyes closed, online sellers can’t go without credible data management systems and the powerful insights derived from them. In terms of Amazon sales, the better your product data quality is, the better product pages tend to perform.

Not managing your product data properly can lead to unfortunate consequences, namely:

  • Cart abandonments
  • Poor product discoverability 
  • Insufficient or excessive ad spend 
  • Inability to leverage your ever-expanding Amazon data catalog

In contrast, a well-performed Amazon sales data analysis enhances the entire online business performance helping you drive conversions, and track buyers’ behavior, ultimately winning more sales.

How Can I Manage My Amazon Data?

Given that Google Sheets is one of the most popular applications used to create and edit business reports, there are two main methods that Amazon sellers generally use to manage their data:

  1. Inputting data into the Google spreadsheets manually.
  2. Using a data aggregation and data management solution integrated with their Amazon Seller Central account for the automated data collection.

Google Sheets are relatively intuitive, customizable and accessible for any online business to use, regardless of its size.

However, the biggest problem with a spreadsheet-based data catalog is its scalability. The bigger the database is, the more complex data management becomes. Eventually, automation is required to scale catalogs effectively.

Against this background, a robust data management tool like Seller Labs Data Hub can take all the hassle out of building reliable Amazon reports based on a scalable database.

What Is Seller Labs Data Hub?

Seller Labs Data Hub is a data tool designed for large and small Amazon sellers who lack time to create real-time reports on their own.

As the name suggests, our data management solution works as a single source of truth for your Amazon business, consolidating all the essential data in one single place – data hub.

In terms of digital sales, a structured accumulation of business data can be your secret weapon against competition, allowing you to promptly act on the ever-emerging customer demands and market trends, and thus reach your sales goals.

Seller Labs Data Hub imports, centralizes, and consolidates large amounts of organized data by pulling multiple Amazon APIs from Seller Central including:

  • Selling Partner API
  • Advertising API
  • Amazon DSP
  • Amazon Marketing Stream
  • Seller Central

This data management tool also collects your business data from the Seller Labs PRO database and automatically combines all your Amazon data into a spreadsheet-based or visual report.

Seller Labs Data Warehouse: data aggregation

How Seller Labs Data Hub Helps Amazon Sellers

Seller Labs Data Hub backs online sellers while developing a high-performance eCommerce strategy and allows them to use their business intelligence tools to their full potential.

Let’s have a quick look at the main data points that the Seller Labs Data Hub supports:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Ad Groups 
  • Automatic Targeting Campaigns  
  • Inventory and Orders
  • Keywords and Search Terms 
  • Product Listings
  • Purchased Products
  • Sales Rank 
  • Seller Central’s Business Reports
  • and more coming soon!

Additionally, our powerful data aggregation tool ensures Amazon data transformations by means of SQL commands at query time, which means you can view the required data with latency measured in seconds or minutes. Time-saving – check!

How does SQL data modeling work?

SQL is a Structured Query Language that lets you access and manipulate your databases. SQL statements retrieve records from a database table according to clauses that specify criteria.

With the SQL filtering options you can input the specific command and narrow the data you want to retrieve. What happens is that the reduced amount of data for analysis speeds up the query performance and facilitates the overall processing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Seller Labs Data Hub pricing is based on the number of connected Amazon accounts. Price starts at $60 per Amazon account per month. A single Amazon account with multiple Amazon marketplaces connected counts as a single Amazon account. You can also test out the tool with a free trial.

How Can I Apply the Data Hub Tool?

Connecting to the Seller Labs Data Hub doesn’t require any coding skills from your side. After clicking “Connect” on the Data Hub SQL Connector page in the Seller Labs PRO dashboard, you can start managing your business data almost instantly.

In addition, we offer a powerful Google Sheets integration to automatically connect Seller Central to Google Sheets and combine all your Amazon data into spreadsheet-based catalogs, ultimately increasing the speed of generating custom Amazon seller reports.

Find some deployment tips in our Seller Labs Data Dictionary, including the onboarding guidance, table and column description, and sample SQL queries.

Seller Labs Data Hub: 5 Benefits for Your Amazon Business

The biggest draw of the Seller Labs Data Hub is keeping your business data consistent, organized, and available for advanced analytics appliances.

But, why is it essential for your Amazon store?

Let us show you how Seller Labs Data Hub can level up your Amazon business by putting together its main benefits.

1. A Complete Overview of Your Business Data

Unless you warehouse your business data, you’re at the mercy of the platform’s data retention policy, and risk losing control of your Amazon data when it comes to its storage date ranges.

With the Seller Labs data tool, all your Amazon data is aggregated and stored in one single digital place, which you can access whenever you need it. Not to mention the fact that the whole system updates automatically whenever new data is uploaded.

Brandon Checketts

The Seller Labs Data Hub is updating every hour behind the scenes, while Google sheets are updating periodically every time you reopen the sheet, or edit the formula of the SQL query.

Brandon Checkets, Founder & CEO of Seller Labs

2. Actionable Insights on Your Business Performance

With single-view access to your Amazon business information organized for data analysis, you can:

  • Identify which of your products are bestsellers
  • Determine top-performing advertising campaigns
  • Analyze sales data 
  • Win the buy box with advertising management and reporting
  • Keep track of the eCommerce trends based on the historical data
  • Stay ahead of your orders with inventory and order management
  • Determine the areas of your business that need improvement

With Seller Labs Data Hub, you can automatically combine all your Amazon data into spreadsheet-based catalogs, generating custom Amazon seller reports, such as Profit & Loss per ASIN or TACoS by ASIN reports, to name a few.

P&L per ASIN
Profit & Loss per ASIN
TACoS by ASIN Report
TACoS by ASIN Report

3. Data Quality and Scalability

Seller Labs Data Hub automatically collects and accumulates varied data sets that match Amazon Seller Central, makes the necessary data available faster and reduces the risk of human errors while analyzing the sheer volume of information.

On top of that, Seller Labs Data Hub can adjust to fluctuations in volume, storing up to two years of historical data.

4. Handy and Fast Queries

Given that data analysis always requires data gathering first, having a “unique source of truth” in your corner will enable you to inspect, transform, and model your data whenever necessary.

This is where our solution can save your time by downloading hundreds of spreadsheets and making pivot tables with real-time data organization.

Joshua Topham, Product Manager at Seller Labs

There is no need to be super tech-savvy. Seller Labs Data Hub deployment is as simple as creating and organizing a spreadsheet. After we provide you with your Data Hub credentials to connect to Google sheets, you can display your organized historical data in a way that’s meaningful to your business.

Joshua Topham, Product Manager at Seller Labs

5. Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage over those players who disregard the opportunity to enhance their data quality management.

Side Note:

Going by Experian Data Quality research, an average company loses up to 12% of its revenue due to bad quality data.

With the actionable insights into crucial business metrics backed by real-time data from the Seller Labs Data Hub, online sellers can improve their Amazon business performance, enhance their advertising strategy, and ultimately increase revenue.


1. What data points does Seller Labs Data Hub support?

Seller Labs Sheets add-on offers easy-to-use templates, including but not limited to:
– Profit & Loss By Product report
– TACoS reports
– Advertising data by ASIN
– Sales performance data by ASIN

2. Does Seller Labs Data Hub have a free trial?

Yes. You can check out the Seller Labs data tool for free before making a purchase.

3. What is the unique benefit of Seller Labs Data Hub?

Seller Labs Data Hub helps you get an instant, holistic view of your Amazon business.  This data aggregation and data management tool is capable of combining all your Amazon data from various sources into one reliable database automatically. .

Final Thoughts

So, does your Amazon business need a powerful data management tool?


With no reliable source of data to guide you, mapping your business and marketing strategies would be like shooting in the dark. And this is where Seller Labs Data Hub can ease your decision-making headaches.

Can Seller Labs PRO in your corner enhance your overall business performance?

By all odds!

Along with the advanced analytics as part of the data warehousing tool, Seller Labs PRO comes up with plenty of flexible Amazon Seller tools to grow and mature your Amazon business.

If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution that can help you keep track of your reviews, find profitable keywords, grow your brand with social media, and manage your advertising campaigns, dwelling on accurate real-time metrics, Seller Labs PRO is the way to go.

Unlock Business Growth with Seller Labs Data Hub

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs

Maria is an SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs. Once captured by digital and content marketing in her student days, she keeps living and breathing it ever since.


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