Questions and Answers About Amazon Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies and Best Practices

We’ve received many questions about Amazon Sponsored Products, Ignite, and how to run profitable advertising campaigns. We covered many Sponsored Products tactics in a recent webinar. But here’s a digest of our most asked questions concerning tactics, strategies and best practices with Amazon Sponsored Products and Ignite.

Questions and Answers About Sponsored Products Tactics, Strategies and Best Practices

1. Do you recommend using Amazon’s Bid+ in PPC for flexible bidding?

No. Bid+ is useful for a hands-off approach. Bid+ gives Amazon permission to raise bids up to 50%. Bid+ doesn’t make sense if you’re using a program like Ignite or you’re actively managing your ad spend.

2. When you download a report from an auto targeted campaign, what are the most important keywords? The ones that converted to sales, clicks or impressions?

The more important keywords will normally be the ones that have converted the best. These keywords will have plenty of impressions and clicks, but will also have a higher conversion rate to sales.

3. What is a “winner” keyword? How do you define it? Impressions? ACoS percentage?

A “winner” keyword can be a keyword that is providing great results in your campaign. These keywords can have a lot of impressions but also have a great conversion rate, too. You can also monitor this by seeing which keywords are in you desired ACoS range.

4. How do you know when it’s a good time to end a campaign because it’s been so successful the product can now sell on its own?

If you have so much success and nobody is competing with you, then it makes sense to turn it off. Chances are, you have a great conversion rate and a low ACoS. So if a competitor tries to start advertising on a keyword you are winning, your conversion rate history will continue to drive a low ACoS. This means it will cost the competitor more to try and take a keyword away from you. By shutting off your ad, you are opening yourself up to risk by letting a competitor jump in and win your keyword.

5. What happens when the daily budget runs out? Does the campaign pause automatically then start again the next day?

If you have a campaign with a $10 daily budget and you spend your whole budget before noon, then your ads will just top showing for the day. Basically, once your budget is gone other ads will then be displayed.

Questions and Answers About Using Ignite for Amazon Sponsored Products

1. Would you recommend running two campaigns per product with Ignite?

Yes. We recommend running an Automatic and Manual campaign for each product you want to advertise. Ignite will bundle the two campaigns together, though, in what’s called an “Ignite Managed Campaign”. They’re bundled that way so you can easily move bids, keywords, search terms, etc. between the different campaigns. This method allows sellers to aggregate data easily.

2. Can you take a search term, analyze it and use it as a keyword?

Yes. You can view user search terms within Ignite and can set these terms as exact match keywords.

3. If you only put one variation in the ad, and the buyer purchases a different variation (like red vs. blue, or large vs. small) will that show up as a conversion or not?

By default, Ignite will pull in each variation of your product. This will make sure that any sale made (no matter what variation) shows on your account.

4. Does Ignite link to existing campaigns?

Yes. When you sign up for Ignite, it will pull in all of your campaigns as well as 60 days of historical data from Amazon. Give it 24 hours to populate, though.

5. Once I have setup a campaign in Ignite, is there a way to go back and add an auto campaign on top of the manual campaign I’ve already created? And do the manual and auto campaigns count as one or two toward the campaign limit?

Yes. You have the ability to create a new auto-targeting campaign and can add it to your existing Ignite managed campaign. This means that you do not need to have a separate Ignite managed campaign for both of your auto and manual campaigns.

6. When I sign up for Ignite, what happens with my existing campaigns?

You can import your existing campaigns and convert them into Ignite managed campaigns.

7. Can we run different campaigns for different companies? And is there a limit to the number of campaigns that can be running?

Each Ignite subscription is determined by the number of Ignite managed campaigns you wish to have running at once. For example, the Essentials plan allows you to have up to four Ignite managed campaigns. But you can create as many normal Auto Targeting and Manual campaigns as you want.

8. I’ve been running Sponsored Products ads for three years. Will ignite evaluate my history on current campaigns and make suggestions? Or do I have to create new campaigns within Ignite first?

Ignite will evaluate campaign data from the last 60 days. Data will then start being collected by Ignite moving forward. For example, on day one of using Ignite you will have 60 days of historical data. The next day you will have 61 days and so forth.

9. Where do suggest having the Ignite confidence slider at when beginning a new campaign?

It depends on your risk and money you’re willing to spend on learning. We recommend letting the confidence level to get to 75 and 80% before taking any sort of action. If you’re bound by time and money, you’ll want to take action before the confidence slider gets above 75%. Try to keep the confidence level above 40% so it’s more than a hunch. The confidence rating is based on historical data from a campaign.

10. How can I add an auto campaign into a previously created Ignite manual campaign?

You can click the “Link another Campaign” button in the “Associated Campaigns” section of your Ignite campaign. You will then be able to add an existing campaign to your new Ignite campaign.

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